Yaamirukka Bayamey Review

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Review by : Suresh
Kreshna, Rupa Manjari, Oviya, Karunakaran
Prasad SN
RS Infotainment

Horror films are never easy to make. It has to maintain interest and engage audience. Tamil cinema has seen many in the recent past that includes Pizza. Joining the list is Yaamirukka Bayamey. Directed by newcomer Deekay, it has horror, fun, romance all interwined to give a satisfying feel to the masses.

Kreshna begins from where he left in Kazhugu. He is the pivot around whom the whole movie revolves. He pulls it off quite convincingly while Rupa Manjeri gives him able support.

Soodhu Kavvum Karuna and Oviya play their exceedingly well Aadhav Kannadasan's cameo is worth a mention. Kreshna is a trickster who escapes from city with a booty. he buys a hotel and settles outside. He has his beau Rupa Manjeri around.

Meanwhile there is Karuna who works as manager in the hotel and his sister Oviya around. What happens if the hotel start encountering some eerie moments. A devil in store that kicks trouble.

A film that manage to bring audience to seat -edge, Yaamirukka Bayamey is a worth a watch. Deekay seems have been inspired by films from Hollywood but made changes to suit native audience. Kreshna manages to lend solidity with his performance. Rupa Manjeri is cute and bubbly.

Prasad's background score add pep to the proceedings. On the whole, a riveting shew that is racy and entertaining.

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