Kumki Review

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Review by : Tamilstar team
Vikram Prabhu, Lakshmi Menon
Prabu Solomon

‘Kumki’ is the elephant trained to control wild elephants which go about doing atrocities.  As the director for the movie gives the explanation during the very opening, we are easily able to mingle with the movie’s story. 

Let us come to the story... wild elephant ‘Komban’ goes on a killing spree which takes toll on life of women and children in the village.  The government officials say that the villagers should vacate the place and go to a different place. 

The villagers make a decision against fleeing from the place.  They least desire abandoning the agriculture they do in the lands in the hills.  So, they decide to protect themselves.  The village head and people arrive at the decision.  The villagers decide to bring in a trained elephant to clash with wild elephants and destroy those wild elephants.  The trained elephant is called ‘Kumki’.

But as the mahout who is to come with the elephant ‘Kumki’ encounters a problem, the hero Vikram Prabhu brings an elephant which runs away at the very sound of crackers.  He dupes villagers saying that the elephant is ‘Kumki’.

As Vikram Prabhu arrives at the scene, instead of chasing away ‘Komban’, he falls in love with Lakshmi Menon.

Then, the story is about how Vikram Prabhu saves his love among the villagers who have maintained disciplined life for 200 years. 

The movie’s plot is totally different. The scenes during the opening of the movie are intimidating.  The introduction of the wild elephant intimidates the audience and creates tension about what is to happen next.  The camera by Sukumar and pleasing graphic scenes has come out well.  There is a magnificent opening, and the following scenes in the movie show Vikram Prabhu’s group arriving at the scene with dummy elephant. Then, the group makes the villagers believe that the elephant is indeed the ‘Kumki’. The villagers are taken in by Vikram Prabhu and his group and treat them like Gods.  Then, the romance comes into the movie. 

What happens next unluckily disappoints the audience. There are flaws at many junctures.  With lingering anticipation created by the earlier venture ‘Maina’, audience turn up for the movie ‘Kumki’. But Prabu Solomon has deceived their anticipations. 

Praises are due for cameraman Sukumar who brings before our eyes the jungles, the hills and greeneries.  But those alone cannot prove the reason for movie’s success. 

Till the end of movie, Vikram Prabhu melts down with love for the heroine.  The anticipation about whether ‘Komban’ arrives at the scene fizzles out during the latter half of the movie.

At last Komban arrives. Then, elephant ‘Manickam’ which is in frenzy kills the wild elephant which tries to kill mahout.  Vikram Prabhu loses his uncle and assistant and cries.  For the next few second the screen is black.  As the audience anticipate arrival of something, Prabu Solomon finishes the movie showing title card ‘A Film by Prabu Solomon’.

The climax scene which proves the turning point to a movie has been messed up with in the movie ‘Kumki’.

Prabu Solomon who has tried convincing the audience through a different plot has given the very old story of elephant sacrificing life for its mahout.  The screenplay is absolutely lacking.  Vikram Prabhu keeps on romancing.  At last, the elephant comes.  This is the screenplay... The perfection in screenplay which was obvious in ‘Maina’ and the care about minute details are totally lacking in the movie ‘Kumki’.

Vikram Prabhu is good looking.  Also, he does his part well.  Lakshmi Menon has done her role well.  Although Thambi Ramaiah tickles the audience with humour in few places, he keeps on chattering in many places with double meanings. 

Although the beauty of jungles is shown and the camera is impressing, the movie hardly pleases as there is no interesting turn to the movie. 

The fact is that ‘Maina’ flew majestically among the audience, which the movie ‘Kumki’ has failed to accomplish.

‘Kumki’ just staggers in performance... and disappoints audience.

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