Kurai Ondrumillai Review

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Review by : Kumaresun
Geethan, Haritha Parukod

Empower villages. The real India lies there. This is the crux of Kurai Ondrumillai. Directed by Karthik, the movie stars Geethan and Haritha Parukod in the lead roles.

A confused youngster who leads a life with ideals a woman who has her own ways to approach life comes together at one point. Their emotional journeys make up the movie.

Geethan plays a salesman in a MNC and he has different approach to deal in his profession. He wants to take the business to his village and help villagers join the same and educate and empower them to face life.

More in the shades of Shah Rukh Khan's Swades, the movie follows his journey to village. His superior is keen to kill his plan. Meanwhile his lover misunderstands his virtues and leaves him.

How Geethan faces all odds and succeeds in his mission forms the crux.

Geethan does a wonderful job. He is cool and casual. He emotes well. Equally impressive is Haritha Parukod. She is bubbly and sharp in her emotions. She is the USP of the movie. Her performance is splendid and special.

The technical aspects are okay, but the story compensates. Karthik has treaded a new path and fairly succeeds in his attempt.

Serious journey

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