Kutti Puli – Review

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Review by : Tamilstar team
Sasikumar, Lakshmi Menon, Saranya
Village Theatres – S Muruganandam

Movie ‘Kutti Puli’ turns out appropriate proof to the fact that excessive build-up would not reap the desired results.  

Story in brief: -

There is mother and son in the movie.  Son, who is a rogue in the town, loses everything out of love affair.  Then, he returns to family life.  But a storm brews as he encounters danger from old enemies.  The movie’s story is about how his mother settles the issues and helps her son come out of trouble. 

Lal hails from Srivilliputhur, Madurai.  He murders a roadside Romeo for eve-teasing.  Unexpectedly, he is caught amidst enemies and loses his life.

Following Lal’s death, his wife Saranya brings up her son Sasikumar.  Saranya is afraid that her son would acquire his father’s tendency.  As feared, Sasikumar turns a rogue.  Although he is a rogue, he abides by his mother’s instructions and shows exceeding love for her.  Mother Saranya desires to marry off her son.  As she tries to get him married, Kutti Puli proves evasive. 

Lakhsmi Menon takes up residence in the street adjacent to Kutti Puli’s house.  Some youngsters in the area are in love with Lakshmi Menon.  They draft a letter and send it to her through Kutti Puli.  Later, the letter turns out reason for love that Lakshmi Menon develops for Kutti Puli.  As Lakshmi Menon’s father happens to know about the romance between the two, he hires gangsters to finish off Kutti Puli. 

Amidst all these, Kutti Puli thrashes the villain who resorts to rowdyism.  At a juncture, as Lakshmi Menon confesses love for Kutti Puli, some masked men come to the spot and attack Kutti Puli.  The movie’s climax relates whether Kutti Puli’s life is saved, and whether his love wins.  Also, the climax relates the plight of the villain, and whether mother’s love for son wins. 

Other than numbers as ‘Tho Tho Pakkura’, and ‘Chanidyare’, numbers fail to impress.  It is not known whether Sasikumar instructed the director such that he makes appearance in every scene. But, in truth, he appears throughout the movie and thus heroism is more prominent in the movie. 

There are weaknesses in the screenplay.  Since Lakshmi Menon and Sasikumar were successful pair in previous movie, they have paired again.  Otherwise, there is no importance to Lakshmi Menon in the story.  In latter half of the story, Sasikumar and Saranya make frequent appearance.  Lakshmi Menon appears in the movie like she makes a guest appearance. 

Also, dialogues are not impressive.  There is nothing noteworthy about the cinematography.  Taking everything into account, it is an absurd story which has hit screens. It is heights of absurdity that they have released the movie with faith that it would turn hit. 

A very vague screenplay... scenes shot with no clarity of mind... the climax of ‘Kutti Puli’ which does not show appropriate indignation that even a cornered mouse needs to show.... All of these are major flaws.

Thus, the movie is full of absurdities and would not make the giant leap towards success as expected...

Thus, chances are remote that ‘Kutti Puli’ would leap towards success.

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