Kuttram Kadithal Review

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Review by : aravindhan
Sai Rajkumar, Master Ajay, Radhika Prasidhha
Bramma G
Shankar Rengarajan
J Sathish Kumar

Message well-delivered

Call it a guts on the part of director Bramma to deliver such an emotional movie in his very first outing. His Kuttram Kadithal by the time hit the screens today has already managed to make a name for itself. It raises one too many questions on the system and surround9ings that we live it.

Produced by J Sathish Kumar, the movie has a team of nbewcomers coming together to throw light on human emotions at his realistic height. The movie has everything in it to end up as a cult classic.

Strong performance by lead artistes, catchy music and visual brilliance make it an engrossing fare. Kuttram Kadithal in one line is sheer brilliance and the director's film in every frame.     

What makes Kuttram Kadithal special is the manner in which the story is narrated. Bramma has taken it with consummate ease in his shoulders and manages to come with an engaging entertainer. Striking a balance between commercial and arthouse cinema is no easy task. But here comes Bramma who manages to weave a magic on screen.

The movie's brilliance lies in conveying a strong message in a non-preachy manner. The movie revolves around a teacher and the problem that she is compelled to face.One act of her lands in trouble and how she overcomes it forms the rest.

Merlin (Radhika Prasiddha) is a newly-married teacher who is all set to start a new life with  Manikandan ( Sai Rajkumar).There is protests in the form of cast by Merlin's mother.When things seem to settlke down in their lives comes a horrific day for her in school.She beats up a naughty stident (Master Ajay).

He falls into coma.The news angers Chezhiyan’s mother (Sathya) and his uncle Udayan (Pavel Navageethan). They go on a crusade against the incident and seek justice.

What happens then form the rest.There is strong performance by each and every character and one competes with another to deliver their best. Though the second half is tad slow, the movie with interesting events unfolding makes it an engrossing watch. A film that would make every Tamilian proud.

Kuttram Kadithal is here to stay

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