Maattraan - Review

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Review by : Tamilstar team
Suriya, Kajal Aggarwal, Sachin Khedekar, Tara
KV Anand
Harris Jayaraj
AGS International

Although the movie centers conjoined twins, director KV Anand and writers Subha have  handled a social issue in the movie in commercially viable manner. 

Suriya’s father is a DNA specialist.  He desires to have children with unique power and thus makes his wife give birth to test tube baby.  As the research he does fails, conjoined twins with one heart and two bodies are born.  Doctors advise that one child should be separated as there is danger to one among two children.  But the wife refuses.  So, both grow as conjoined twins. 

Suriya’s father, who undergoes difficulties at one juncture, starts selling milk powder across the globe and turns millionaire.  A woman from Ukvenia, who happens to know that the milk powder is in fact an energy drink, approaches Suriya’s father to make relevant research.  Kajal Aggarwal comes as Tamil translator.  As Kajal happens to come across Suriya she gets into love with him. 

The woman takes some pictures in the company owned by Suriya’s father and transfers it to a pen drive.   Suriya’s father, upon knowledge of that, murders the woman.  Before dying the woman swallows the pen drive. 

Suriya’s father tries to retrieve the pen drive.  But Suriya takes possession of the pen drive.  A gang which wants to seize the pen drive from Suriya, attacks the conjoined twins.  In the clash, one among the twins, Vimalan is killed. 

Rest of the story is about how the other twin Akilan makes out the background of the pen drive, and about why the woman is murdered. 

The combination of KV Anand and Subha who have been giving quality movies with interesting screenplay and scenes seem to have faltered a bit in this movie. 

As usual, Suriya has added to the weight in the characters. He has given a tremendous performance through his role as conjoined twins named Akilan and Vimalan.  His effort in action scenes intimidates us. 

Kajal Aggarwal is in fact very appeasing to look at.  Although she has not had much opportunity to deliver her talent in acting, her beauty has come out well in the movie. 

Sachin Khedekar, who does Suriya’s father, is suitable selection for villain of much affluence.  In many scenes, he has shown his talent in acting through his expressions.
Scenes with cinematography by Soundaryan are in fact tantalizing.  His cinematography has come out well in the screen and has revealed the budget which has gone into making of the movie. 

Music is by Harris Jayaraj.  The background music reveals humor and numbers are of average quality. 

KV Anand, who has been proving his ability as cinematographer has revealed his ability in direction.  His unique style is obvious in the movie.

KV Anand, who toils much in selection of new locations, has given a feast to eyes of fans through locations for the movie. 

Indeed, appreciations are due for KV Anand who has chosen social issues as gist for the movie. 

KV Anand has taken the first half of the movie in interesting manner. There are unexpected twists in the movie during first half.  The screenplay lags behind as fans are very well able to guess what is to happen in the next scene.

Suriya rushes to Ukraine and takes part in investigation there.  This creates much anticipation among fans.  The story moves fast here.  But the director staggers as the climax scene nears.  KV Anand could have evaded taking up the usual climax scene.

So, taking everything into account, MaattraaN is movie which could be viewed considering Suriya’s credibility alone.

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