Madhubaana Kadai – Movie Review

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Review by : Tamilstar team
Rabeek, Aishwarya
Kamal Kannan
Ved Shankar Sugavanam
Montage Media

‘If you make out a story in the movie, we are not responsible for that, and that is entirely your imagination’.  With such announcement during title display, the movie begins.  So, there is no requirement for making out a story in the movie. It is the director’s guts that the entire movie depicts the happenings in a wine shop. 

The entire movie is about the day in wine shop before Gandhi Jayanthi.  The director does not go into whether drinking is right or wrong, but depicts happenings as such.  Although the movie declares that there is no story, now and then there are scenes depicting lives of those visiting wine shop.

Petition Mani makes the whole bar shudder in fear.  Although his delivery makes audience laugh, there is much more in it to be contemplated when it comes to real life instance.  When he says that only as we stagger about, government turns steady, he wins the applauses.

The way friendship between supplier Murugesan and Rabeek turns enmity has been depicted in a realistic way.  Also, the character of old man who gets his share of drinks by singing a song and the golden words he utters wins applause. 

Although appearance is brief, the student who comes holding a beer bottle and utters ‘Koki Koki Gokila’ impresses the audience.

Also, the scenes depicting beggars in guise of Rama and Hanuman turning up at bar and elaborating facts based on God are unforgettable.

There is the character of a youth who relies upon his English communication to impress those around. Also, he comes out with ready excuse that his purse is lost and thus wins a peg for himself from those who pity him. 

Cinematography and music composition for a song are commendable.

Since the entire movie depicts what happens in wine shop, it is a doubt as to whether people from all walks of life would gather to view the movie in a theater.

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