Mahabalipuram Review

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Review by : Kumaresun
Karunakaran, Angana Roy, Ramesh, Thilak, Vetri, Vithika Sheru
Don Sandy

Mahabalipuram, directed by newcomer Don Sandy, stars Karunakaran, Ramesh, Vetri, Karthik and Vinayak (also the producer) in the main roles. Music is by K and the film is produced by Clapboard Movies.Set around the tourist destination Mahabalipuram, it is a suspense thriller.

It explores the lives of tourists and guides in the town.More in the shades of Subramaniapuram, Mahabalipuram deviates from its path on few occasions and ends up an average show.

Vinayak (Panja) shows his gratitude to a politician who saved him from death by occasionally helping him with his anti-social activities.Panja's life revolves around his friends, all of whom reside in Mahabalipuram.

When one of his friends chooses to get married to his girlfriend, the other four help him do so. However, all that changes the day when the friends chance upon a sleaze video that shocks them out of their wits and results in the death of the newlywed couple.

What happens then forms the crux. Vinayak as Panja is good. He emotes well, while Soodhu Kavvum fame Karunakaran, Ramesh, Vettri and Karthik chip in well. Mahabalipuram has some twists and turns, but goes cliched at many places.It's more of friends, fists and foes.

Tour, Terror

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