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Review by : Tamilstar team
Prashanth , Thyagarajan, Meera Jasmine, Prakash Raj .Mumaith Khan , Vadivelu
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The movie ‘Malayoor Mambattiyaan’ starred by Thyagarajan, and for which the music was composed by Ilayaraja, won the name of ‘classic’.  Now it has come with a different dimension as ‘Mambattiyaan’ and the role has been played by Thyagarajan’s son Prashanth.
Vijay Kumar ekes out a living as a poor but honest farmer in Malayoor village.  He adamantly declares that the treasure found in the village landlord Kotta Srinivasan’s land belongs to the government and should be rightfully handed over to the government. Kotta’s underhand murder the farmer Vijay Kumar and his wife.  Their son Prashanth rises against the gang.  He finishes off the landlord Kotta and seven of his underhand and absconds.

People who were betrayed by the landlord gather and join as accomplices with ‘Mambattiyaan’ Prashanth.  They rob prominent landlords who come that way and do good to the village people.  The police are hot on their heels.  But the police are not able to stumble upon even the shadow of Mambattiyaan.  A new police officer Prakash Raj emerges in the picture to nab ‘Mambattiyaan’.

Hearing news of a rich group about to pass the jungle, Mambattiyaan’s group tries to rob them.  Mambattiyaan realizes his folly when he comes to know that it is a marriage troop and that they abandoned the bride in a huff and escaped the place.  So he sends his brother as an escort with her.  But since the marriage does not happened as scheduled, the bride stays in Malayoor in remembrance of Mambattiyaan.  Mambattiyaan requests the villagers to give her a share of their food.

The police chase continues.  Mambattiyaan is continuously on the run.  But what happens to Mambattiyaan who never gets caught by police, and the fate of the girl who comes to Mambattiyaan placing faith in him is the story climax.

Even though it is the same story as before, director Thyagarajan has added new color to the movie through cameraman Shaji Kumar.  Thyagarajan’s directorial venture has turned a success, and is complete with the magnificent scenes and perfect making of the movie.  This has brought a respect for his movie amongst fans.

Particularly the locations chosen for the movie are wonderful.  The turbulent waterfalls, the green lush of the mountain ranges, the rustle of the rivulets and the sceneries of the inartificial villages touch one’s heart.  He has put in 10 per cent more of effort in the movie.  There is so much of perfection in his body language that there is a lot to be learnt from him by new faces who deliver stereotyped punch dialogues in movies.  That much of perfection is there.

Meera Jasmin is more beautiful than in previous movies and plays the character ‘KaNNaathaL’.  There is scope for her only during the time of reprimanding the bridegroom who refuses to marry her.  In rest of the scenes there is only scope for her to show her gait.

It is a feast for Vadivelu’s fans after a considerable gap. He plays the role of the small landlord which Goundamani played in the original version.  There is no big change in the sequences.  But fans are all smiles when Vadivelu makes the appearance. This is true although there is no big comedy in the scenes.  There is guarantee for laughter particularly during time of his losing two dogs named ‘Gopu – Babu’ respectively.  There is further essence to comedy when his pupils almost fall out when caught by Prakash Raj.
There is spontaneity in Prakash Raj’s delivery and it is also quite natural.

Mumait Khan makes a brief appearance as Sorna and dies.  

One cannot avoid comparing the movie with the original version although the scenes are thrilling.  The reason is that there is nothing magnificent about the original version.  There is nothing noteworthy about the technical nuances.  One has to say that the simple scenes depicted, the masses of the land, and the feel the wonderful music gave in the original movie is not present in current version.
It is an unpardonable mistake that damage has been done in the name of remix of the ‘Kaattu Vazhi’ and ‘Sinna PoNNu’ composed by Ilayaraja for the original.

The background music by Taman is laudable.  The camera of Shahji Kumar acts as the right hand for the director.  He has given a feast for the fans’ eyes.

Those who do not know much about the ‘Mambattiyaan’ of the 1980s can take this as a visual action treat.

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