Mariyaan - Review

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Review by : Tamilstar team
Dhanush, Poo Parvathi, Appu Kutty, Salim Kumar, Vinayakan, Jagan, Ankur Vikal, Uma Riyaz Khan
Bharat Bala
AR Rahman
Oscar Ravichandran

Bharat Bala of ‘Vande Mataram’ fame has made use of Dhanush’s talent in acting, and has directed ‘Mariyaan’ which centers life of a youth residing in seashore village. 

Movie ‘Mariyaan’ conveys message that one could come out of any kind of ordeal if there is true love in him. 

Dhanush dwells in fishermen village by the seashore. Parvathi Menon does character named Panimalar who has steadfast love for ‘Mariyaan’ Dhanush. 

Initially, Mariyaan is indifferent towards Panimalar.  But, at a certain stage, he is moved by her love for him and starts romancing Panimalar. 

But, the responsibility of settling the debt incurred by Panimalar’s stepfather Thomayya settles on Mariyaan’s shoulders.  So, for money, Mariyaan signs up agreement for work in oil well in Africa and moves to Sudan for work. 

As everything progresses smoothly, and when Mariyaan is about to return to India, some African terrorists abduct Mariyaan and his friends.  The second half of the story is about whether Mariyaan escapes from the clutches of terrorists, and about what happens to love between Mariyaan and Panimalar. 

Indeed, following Kamal and Vikram, Dhanush is now into the list of heroes who are sincere to their profession.  The movie is really a milestone for Dhanush. Well done Dhanush…

Dhanush has revealed that he enhances his talent through every one of his movies.  Particularly, in the scene which shows him lamenting his friend’s death, and when he slaps Parvathi, Dhanush’s body language is perfect. 

Also, ‘Poo’ Parvathi has unrelentingly competed with Dhanush and has given wonderful delivery. 

The first half of the movie arouses interest in the fans with scenes showing Dhanush in a village by seashore, with scenes showing Parvathi’s love for Dhanush, and impressing music by AR Rahman.  As the movie nears the interval, Dhanush is caught amidst terrorists and undergoes ordeal. The first half of the movie finishes amidst huge anticipation among fans.  But, it is indeed a shortcoming that after the interval, the screenplay staggers as it progresses.  

Director Bharat Bala has directed the movie not as an entertainer, but resembling a documentary.  Although the first half progresses interestingly, second half is very slow.  Director could have shown more attention to the screenplay. 

Music composition by AR Rahman is a major strength to the movie.  He has impressed through background music.  Background music during action scene in village is wonderful.  Also, during climax, the background music is impressing.  Numbers in the movie are already hits.  The way the song ‘Nenje Ezhu’ has been shot is wonderful. 

Appukutty and Imman Annachi, who appear as friends, Jagan, who appears as Dhanush’s friend in South Africa, and Uma Riyaz Khan, who comes as Dhanush’s mother, have impressed through their performance although their appearance in the movie is brief.

The camera by Mark Koninckx captures fishermen village in Kanyakumari and deserts in South Africa and pulls the audience into the movie.

Considering everything, ‘Mariyaan’ is a commendable movie which could be viewed once

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