Mathayannai Koottam Review

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Review by : Tamilstar team
Kathir, Oviya.Jayaprakash
Vikram Sugumaran
N. R. Raghunanthan
GV Prakash Kumar Productions

The movie resonates with the title, it has portrayed the herd mentality, yes here the topic is caste. How the caste fanatics react and how it leads to bloodshed is the movie. Jayakodi Thevar is the uncrowned lord of the village, he has two wives and each of them have a son and a daughter. His sudden death wrecks up violence between the two families as the second wife, her son Paarthi (Karthi) and daughter are not allowed to take part in the last rites by the first wife’s brother, Veera Thevar and his sons.

Now the first wife’s son Booloogam has a soft corner for his step brother. In an unfortunate turn of events Veera Thevar’s son is killed. Now Parthi’s escapes, Veera Thevar and his men are behind him. They plot to bring Parthi into the town, what happens to Paarthi whether he is caught or escapes remains to be seen.

The movie goes through the old grind and there is nothing novel about the effort. The hero has performed well in action scenes but is found wanting in romantic shots. As far as music is concerned two songs are hummable. The director could have avoided the overemphasis on a particular caste.

The debutant team has failed to make an impact.


Matha Yannai Kootam: Just a herd of goats!

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