Mayakkam Enna

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Review by : Tamilstar team
Dhanush Richa Gangopadhyay
G. V. Prakash Kumar
Gemini Film Circuit

‘Mayakkam Enna’ is a movie in which Dhanush and Rich Gangopadhyay have paired up. Selvaraghavan has written the story and directed the movie. This movie has been released by Gemini Film Circuit on behalf of Om Productions.

Dhanush has played the character by name Karthik Swaminathan.  He has come as a wildlife photographer in this movie.  He and his sister do not have parents alive.  So for somebody to live with they chose four friends among whom two are male, and the other two are female and live under the same roof.

There is one character among these friends by name Sundar.  He is in love with a colleague in his office, and it’s the heroine Richa.  But Richa is in love with Dhanush.  Even though he turns down Richa keeping in mind his friends, a love for her has already blossomed in his heart.

When every other character comes to know the love Dhanush has for Richa they get both of Dhanush and Richa married.    As is their life so far, suddenly Dhanush meets with an accident.  Then he encounters a major problem.  Does he recover from the trauma of the accident and the problem he has had due to the accident? This is the movie and at last the story tells how he becomes a successful wildlife photographer though his wife’s help.

Dhanush’s action is overwhelmingly satisfying.  There are applauses particularly when he jeers at Richa and says ‘Podi Mundakalappai".  At the time of a major mental setback, how he laments about the mistakes he has done, really wins the heart of the audiences.  Richa Gangopadhyay has given a tremendous performance in this movie.  She has performed really well in the scenes depicting her futile efforts to control Dhanush.

Richa has huge and black eyes… and those spoke a hundred and a thousand lines of dialogue… She has the scope of competing with Dhanush’s character. She has done it really beautifully.

The performance of the characters coming as friends is commendable.  Yet another mentionable icon is G. V. Prakash Kumar.  Prakash who has already won applauses through lyrics has done a commendable job in the composition of music.  Particularly at the time of silent standing postures it conveys hundred and a thousand meanings. Well done Prakash!

Since the very story is about a photographer the camera work is tantalizing.  When the scenes expand as scenic beauty there is the feel of a true painting.  Ramji has put in hundred per cent efforts.

Selvaraghavan has not desired to deviate in the story anywhere.  But for commercial viability he has included some cheery scenes in the former half. Because of that the story which is quite serious in the latter half seems to be moving slowly. For people who have the patience to watch, it is a commendable effort.

Totally ‘Mayakkam Enna’ is really an enticing movie for the audience.

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