Metro Review

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Review by : Suresh
Shirish, Bobby Simha, Sendrayan, Sathya, Nishanth, Rajkumar, Yogi Babu
Ananda Krishna
E5 Entertainments, Metro Productions

Rising crimes in a society is a bother for anyone. How much ever cops are deployed, it will change only when those involved in crime should dare to reform themselves. Among those crimes, the high in a city Chennai is chain snatching.

Clamour for gold and rising price of yellow metal are the prime reasons for it.Keeping this in mind, Anand of Aal fame has come out with a movie titled Metro.

It speaks about chain snatching; its modus operandi and how it affects the victim physically and emotionally are well dealt. A thorough research by the filmmaker ensures it is brought out in a realistic manner.

Credit to the director for an educative entertainer in Metro.Sirish,  Bobby Simha, Sathya and Senrayan play lead roles. The motive behind such crimes and how people commit these crimes are dealt by Anand in a vivid manner.

The movie is about conflict between two brothers (Sathya) who is into chain snatching and Sirish, a honest journalist, who investigates such incidents. The former takes to the crime to meet expenses and ever bragging girlfriend for money.

A chilling climax and ways means to save the yellow metal makes up the story. Sirish is the scene stealer. he does a wonderful act. He sparkles in his vert first movie. He plays a wonderful show.

He is at ease before the lens.Bobby Simha in a brief show does well. Sathya as gruesome chain snatcher is okay.Udhayakumar's camers does capture tense moments well. Johan's music deserves appreciation. Metro is an engaging entertainer.

Metro - Serious issue well said

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