Mirattal – Movie Review

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Review by : Tamilstar team
Vinay RaiSharmila MandreSanthanam
R. Madhesh
Pravin Mani
Sunanda Murali Manohar

The movie accommodates a place among those movies which have won acclaim out of relating romantic story intertwined with comedy.  If one does not stubbornly stick to logic, the movie could be of course relished.

Sankar Dada and Ghajini villain Pradeep Rawat are notorious gangsters from Royapuram.  They make rounds in the area as gangsters.  Pradeep’s son murders Sankar Dada’s underhand.  Sankar Dada, infuriated at this, finishes off Pradeep’s son.

Pradeep who is in agony out of loss of his only son, contemplates retorting by finishing off Sankar Dada’s sister who turns out heroine for the movie.  As precaution, Sankar brings his sister studying in London to his place and keeps her by his side.

The hero for the movie roams about aimlessly. His father takes him to Sankar Dada and employs him under Sankar Dada.  The hero is hired as one who counts money that Sankar Dada receives as bribe. 

Thus the hero gets into the gang operated by Sankar Dada.  The hero happens to meet the heroine and thus love blossoms between the two. Rest of the story is about whether both marry and is about whom among Sankar Dada and Pradeep wins the race.

The hero for the movie, Vinay has performed spontaneously and naturally.  Vinay has done impeccably in scenes in which he appears in guise of police officer. Also as he speaks softly with his mother, speaks boldly in front of Sankar, and when awkwardly showing love for heroine, and when he teases Santhanam, the comedian for the movie, the hero Vinay does commendably.  

The heroine is Sharmila brought from London.  Although the movie turns out a debutant venture for her, there is maturity in delivery.

Three people are noted for their performance in the movie.  The three people, Prabhu, Santhanam and Mansoor Ali Khan are those who deserve applause.  Prabhu has done his second innings wonderfully.  He emerges as villain who least hesitates to murder, as love-bound brother, as head who does not know technology, and as simpleton.  He does all these as Prabhu himself.

As usual, Santhanam proves the reason for mass appeal the movie has had.  Santhanam pairs up with Vinay and emerges in Brahmin character, delivering punch dialogues frequently.  Thus there is no dearth for humor in the movie. Comedy by Ganja Karuppu and Santhanam is standing example that if there is appropriate platform, comedy of course works out.

Mansoor Ali Khan, who is noted for peculiar posture in movies, emerges in this movie as ill person stuck to the wheel chair.  He delivers his role impeccably.  There is not a single dialogue, not a trace of anger, and not one roll of eyeballs.  But he clearly expresses his frustration in not being able to speak. 

Ganja Karuppu, Pandiarajan, and Pradeep Rawat have made an impeccable delivery.

The reason for the movie slowing down in the latter half is the frequent occurrence of songs.  More than songs, the scenes for the songs have been taken with an artistic outlook.  It is clearly obvious that Sharmila does not know an inkling of dance.

The way scenes have been shot in foreign locations, appreciation is due for cinematography by Kannan.  Of course, there has been much editing to speed up the movie. 

It is not known whether music composition by Praveen Mani has got him desired result.  It is of course regrettable that songs have failed to evoke response amidst audience.

Madesh has taken the movie such that it comes out as a nice Masala movie.

Thus… it is true that the movie turns out a good entertainer.

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