Moodar Koodam - Review

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Review by : Tamilstar team
Rajaj, Naveen, Kuberan, Sentrayan, Jayaprakash, Oviya, Sindhu Reddy
Natarajan Sankaran

They have proved that Tamil cinema could be projected in such a manner as ‘Moodar Koodam’.  Previously, they used to raise huge sets, and there were outdoor shootings and shooting in locations abroad.  But movie ‘Moodar Koodam’ happens within four walls. 

The title ‘Moodar Koodam’ is very different.  A youth comes to Chennai in search of job with nobody to assist him.  Another one sells Ganja.  There is another person who is abused as a fool. These three people are unable to think independently.

There is another person who is out of a Home for Juvenile Delinquents, and he is not able to get a job anywhere.  These four people happen to meet each other in police station. 

Four of these people do not have any means of sustenance. A police officer gives them a five hundred rupee note, and asks them to share it between themselves.  From there begins their association.  Since they are not able to eke out a living, they decide to rob uncle of Vellai, who is one among the gang of four. 

As the four decide to break into the house, Vellai’s uncle, who defrauded huge amount by running chit fund, tries to flee abroad with his family.  Vellai, and his accomplices as Naveen, Kuberan, Sentrayan, threaten the family and try to usurp money from them.  Rest of the story is about whether they succeed in their attempt.   

Director Naveen sticks to Buddha’s philosophy that more care should be on a better travel rather than attaining the destination. The director’s intelligence is obvious throughout the movie. 

‘Moodar Koodam’ is a comedy movie with hullaballoo by four of these accomplices in robbery. 

Since it is a comedy movie, one might imagine that it would resemble comedy by Vadivelu and Santhanam. 

But, comedy in this movie is a bit different. It is a comedy which would need time to get accustomed with. 

If it is a comedy movie, then there should be a comedian in the movie… Also, the face should be familiar… and one should burst with laughter at the very sight of the comedian…

These are the notions being entertained in Tamil cinema so far. But movie ‘Moodar Koodam’ has shattered all these notions, and the movie stresses that the comedy should be in the character, and the way scenes are shot.  For making such an effort, the movie should be celebrated. 

It is not possible to point out any particular person as the movie hero.  There is beauty in scenes which reveal that Naveen is an educated person. Naveen reveals his intelligence by giving advice to other three of his accomplices. 

Sentrayan makes us laugh throughout the movie.  He impresses through appropriate expression and dialogues which suit his character. 

Although Kuberan is seen with a thick beard, his activities provoke laughter.  Rajaj has done well the role of Vellai, who appears like a simpleton. 

Other characters as Jayaprakash, Oviya, Anupama, Jayaprakash’s younger daughter, thief, a lad who emerges as Jayaprakash’s son, and a child who speaks to Jayaprakash over phone have done their roles commendably.  Every character that pops up in the movie is impressive. 

Numbers for which Natarajan Sankaran has scored music are quite good.  Background music adds to the movie’s strength.  Director Naveen has done the movie with few actors in it, and majority of scenes are shot in a single room.

As a whole, ‘Moodar Koodam’, the palace of fools, could be relished by everybody.

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