Movie Review – '6'

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Review by : Tamilstar team
Shaam, Poonam Kaur
VZ Durai
Srikanth Deva

Within ten minutes of the movie unfolding, it makes rapid progress like a gushing flood.  Every scene in the movie pins the audience to the seat.  As the movie nears the end, every one among the audience is moved to tears.  That contributes to success of the movie 6 (Aaru).

Shaam and Poonam, who are husband and wife, celebrate their only son’s sixth birthday, and take him to the seashore.  There, they miss their son and search for him.  As the couple is not able to find their son, they complain to the police. 

An empathetic police officer bends the rules, and goes out of his way to help Shaam.  With a small clue, Shaam goes in search of his son in places as Warangal, Bhopal, Mumbai, Goa, and Kolkata.  The entire movie is about the painstaking travel by Shaam in search of his son. 

As one sees the movie, he or she is angered at the heinous crimes happening in India.  Director Durai has not woven the story with just imagination, but has made study about where such heinous crimes happen. He needs to be appreciated for his effort. 

Shaam’s performance in the movie has revealed the truth that a talented artiste as him has not been identified so far.  Shaam does middleclass individual with lot of empathy in him, and brings before our eyes the plight of individual who is in search of his child.

As Shaam clashes with the villain in action scene, he reveals the face of a father who fights for his son. 

As children from every Indian state clutch Shaam’s legs and plead with him, he wails uncontrollably, which sends shivers across the audience. 

The movie director kindles the longing in the audience to see father and son together.  Thank God… Director has given an appropriate climax to the movie… else, every father would have set the theatre ablaze with least hesitation.

Poonam Kaur pleads with her husband to come back, and is moved to tears.  Although dialogues uttered by her degrade motherhood, one could tolerate it since it comes out of a frustrated woman.  One could sure appreciate Jayamohan for dialogues. 

The move brings to light how child lifters function as network, and reveals the plight of children abducted by them.  Relevant scenes make the blood boil.

Camera by Krishnasamy and music by Srikanth Deva have helped a lot in giving the feel to the audience.  Srikanth Deva surprises us more.  After being idle for a long time, he has come out with tremendous music. 

Also, appreciations are due to Editor Arun Kumar for making the scenes crisp, and for arousing anticipation amidst audience.  Dialogues have been penned by writer Jayamohan. But, his talent is revealed only in few places. 

Who is the makeup man for Shaam? Appreciations are due for him. 

Shaam’s son, whose face is radiant before abduction, is seen with stained appearance in climax. It moves the audience to tears.  Parents… Please be careful. 

Shaam has got the results for his efforts. 

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Every scene in the movie sends across tremors in the theatre, and audience wait with bated breath for Shaam’s son to be found.

As you come out of the theatre after watching the movie with family, you would clutch your child’s hand without your knowledge.  That contributes to the movie’s success.

Taking everything into account, the movie 6 (Aaru) runs as a perennial river in the hearts of fans.

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