Movie Review – Raja Rani

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Review by : Tamilstar team
Arya, Jai, Nayanthara, Nazriya Nazim, Santhanam
GV Prakash Kumar
AR Murugadoss

Arya and Nayanthara are forced into marriage by parents in spite of their disinclination.  Both Arya and Nayanthara show least interest in family life, and wear a forsaken look.  Both lead a life within four walls like they do not know each other. 

Suddenly one day, Nayanthara develops fits.  Immediately, Arya rushes her to hospital.  After medical treatment, Nayanthara gets back to normalcy.  Arya enquires with Nayanthara about how she developed fits.  Then, Nayanthara confesses that she romanced Jai, and also reveals that he committed suicide. 

As Arya comes to know of the mishap, he develops love for Nayanthara.  But, Nayanthara shuns Arya.

Santhanam, who is Arya’s friend, observes that Nayanthara shuns Arya.  Then, Santhanam meets Nayanthara and reveals that Arya loved Nazriya Nazim. Also, he says that Arya witnessed death of his lover Nazriya Nazim in an accident. On hearing about Arya’s bitter experience in life, Nayanthara develops regard for him. 

Rest of the story is about whether both have a change of mind and unite in marital life. 

Arya has done a playboy character. It has suited him really well. He has impressed in delivery in scenes showing him teasing Nayanthara, and when he romances Nazriya Nazim.  Also, comedy scenes by Arya and Santhanam impress the audience. 

Although Nayanthara does tragic scenes in the movie, she appears beautiful.  Scenes for which she has paired up with Jai could be relished.  Sathyaraj does Nayanthara’s father. Scenes showing both Nayanthara and Sathyaraj create a longing in everybody that such a father and daughter really exist. 

Jai has done a simpleton in the movie.  Although he is frequently moved to tears out of fear, he receives applauses from audience.  Santhanam and Sathyan impress the audience through comedy. 

Sathyaraj has done a youthful role in the movie.  He does Nayanthara’s father and proves himself as a good friend to his daughter.  Already, numbers for which GV Prakash scored music have turned hits.  Also, those numbers have been cinematized commendably.  Also, GV Prakash has impressed through background music. 

Atlee, who was associate of director Shankar, has directed the movie.  Also, scenes have been shot clearly and beautifully. 
‘We should not waste our present life with preoccupation of what happened. 

Forget the past you loved… and love the life you have now…’

That is the message Atlee has delivered beautifully through the movie.  It would have been lot better if the scenes in climax were more concise.

Taking everything into account, ‘Raja Rani’ is latest ‘Mauna Ragam’

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