Movie Review – Ambikapathy

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Review by : Tamilstar team
Dhanush, Sonam Kapoor, Abhay Deol, Swara Bhaskar
Anand L Rai
AR Rahman
Eros International

Dhanush is an expert in showing schooldays infatuation as true love. Movie ‘Ambikapathy’ is one in which Dhanush has performed the deceptive trick. 

As per the story, Dhanush, who does street dramas, is attracted towards Sonam Kapoor, a Muslim girl very since childhood.  Dhanush feels that it is true love and goes behind Sonam Kapoor. 

As Sonam Kapoor comes to know that Dhanush is attracted towards her, she slaps him several times on the face.  But, after that, Sonam develops love for Dhanush.  Friends and people around come to know of the romance. Then, it comes to the attention of Sonam Kapoor’s family and turns disastrous. 

Resultantly, Sonam Kapoor is sent to Agra and then to Delhi for higher studies.  As Sonam moves to a different place, she forgets Dhanush and starts romancing another guy.

But, Dhanush is yearning to meet Sonam Kapoor. After one year, as both meet, Sonam Kapoor says that it is not love, but just infatuation.  Dhanush, who is heartbroken, does not sever ties with Sonam and is friendly towards her. 

Then, Sonam Kapoor seeks Dhanush’s assistance for her love of college days to fructify. The rest of the story is about whether Dhanush succeeds in uniting Sonam Kapoor with her lover, or whether his love for Sonam Kapoor succeeds. 

Hindi director Anand L Rai has taken efforts and has come out with different and interesting romance movie. He brings before our eyes the politics among students, the crookedness in the Indian politicians, the scenic beauty of Kasi and Ganga.  The major strength of the movie is the performance by Dhanush which surpasses the direction by Anand L Rai. 

Sonam Kapoor is Hindi actor Anil Kapoor’s daughter and has made a giant leap towards success through the movie.  She does not understand that Dhanush has not made out difference between infatuation and love to the extent she has understood.  She mistakenly thinks that Dhanush is reason for death of her lover, and connives with Delhi politicians and makes him a scapegoat. 

The delivery by Dhanush is wonderful and one cannot find fault with his performance.  Usually, he appears in movies as a mentally disturbed person. But this time, he comes as a simple person, much to the relief of fans.  The uniqueness in Dhanush is that, when he appears clean-shaven, he looks like schoolboy.  And when, he sports a beard, he looks like a college guy.  Dhanush bursts like crackers in several scenes in the movie. Well Done Dhanush!

The movie heroine Sonam Kapoor is appeasing to look at and shines in every scene of the movie through delivery of expressions as smile and tears.  She has got a pucca dressing sense. Her delivery is wonderful. 

Abhay Deol is the other hero, and has got a good personality. But his performance does not work out. 

Swara Bhaskar, who comes as Dhanush’s friend is beautiful, and attracts our attention through her performance in the movie. 

The punch dialogues by John Mahendran, noted for direction of Vijay Starrer ‘Sachin’, lyrics by Vairamuthu, music composition by AR Rahman, direction by Anand L Rai are major strengths to the movie.

Taking everything into account, ‘Ambikapathy’ is a milestone in Dhanush’s career.

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