Movie Review - Saattai

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Review by : Tamilstar team
Samuthirakani, Mahima, Yuvan, Thambi Ramaiah
T Imaan
Prabhu Solomon

The movie is whiplash for teachers who do not imbibe discipline in students, for those teachers who do resort to dereliction of duty, for those teachers without dignity and whiplash for those parents who do not understand feelings of children.

Thambi Ramiah is assistant head master in a village government school.  He contemplates becoming the head master.

Head Master Junior Balaiah is one who is unable to do anything without cooperation from other teachers.  The school is most backward in the district as teachers and students bunk the classes. 

Samuthirakani, who is teacher for Physics, is surprised at the condition of the school.  He changes rules and regulations in the school.  He sticks to the new formula that students could be made better through kind words.  This formula helps him a lot.

Due to this, students in the school show much affection towards him.  This kindles jealousy in other teachers.  Activities by Samuthirakani create dissatisfaction in Thambi Ramaiah. So, he plans to chase away Samuthirakani and murder him.

Amidst all these, Yuvan who does 12th standard pesters Mahima, his classmate, to romance him.  Mahima relates this to Samuthirakani. He consoles her and sends her off.  As Mahima attempts murder by taking poison, they save her and admit her to a hospital.

Although reason for consumption of poison is different, Mahima’s relatives doubt Samuthirakani and thrash him. This makes the other jealous teachers very happy.

The rest of the movie is about whether Samuthirakani wipes off the taint in his reputation, whether he improves the condition of the school, and whether love between Yuvan and Mahima succeeds. 

Samuthirakani who does teacher, has portrayed well the conduct befitting a teacher.  Measured delivery wins applauses. The matters Samuthirakani relates to students would of course relieve pressure among teachers to make students study.

Thambi Ramaiah, who does assistant head master, shines in his performance.  He wins applauses as he wipes off perspiration from his forehead, and as he shows jealousy towards Samuthirakani.  The whole theater shakes with applauses for Thambi Ramaiah.

Although Junior Balaiah does role after a long gap, he impresses audience through role as head master.

Yuvan’s delivery provokes the anger in the audience.  At last, he turns a good person and wins a place in hearts of fans.

New face Mahima is an added asset for Tamil cinemas.  She spontaneously shows expressions as love and anger in her face.

Music composer Imaan has proved that he is melody king.  He has given very pleasant melodies.  There are numbers as ‘Sagaayanae Sagayanae’, and ‘Adi Podi Raangi’ which are pleasant to hear.

Director Anbazhagan has portrayed code of conduct for government school teachers through the movie.  Also he shows the present plight of private schools, and wins applauses from fans for delivering such a message through his very first movie.

Overall, there is no doubt that ‘Saattai’ binds together audience through delivery of wonderful message.

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