Marupadiyum Oru Kaadhal

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Review by : Tamilstar team
Aniruth, Vadivelu, Joshna
Vasu Baskar
Shrikanth Deva

A felicitation program is held for Jeeva, a medical practitioner, in the college which he studied.  Jeeva does not turn up at the college and after a heavy booze rams on a lorry and sustains injuries.  From there, the flashback expands. 

The heroine Kavitha stays in London.  She is the only daughter of Suman who is a noted icon in London.  The hero of the movie and heroine of the movie participate in poetry competition held by FM Radio in London.

As both come out with flying colours in the competition, the heroine alone turns up to receive the prize.  There, the heroine who comes across the hero’s poem and gets the hero’s email address.  Email communication turns into chatting and then love blossoms.  Both love each other without seeing each other.

In a twist, Suman brings his daughter to Tamil Nadu.  The heroine, who carries details about the hero in a pen drive, loses it.  The heroine joins medical college.  The hero does final year in the college.

As chatting episode comes to end with heroine leaving London, both the hero and the heroine are disappointed.  Both of their families get into joint effort and conduct their marriage.

Husband and wife do not make out that the other is the lover with whom they had been chatting.  Both live under same roof in ignorance.  Both husband and wife waste time without knowing that they have married only the person they had been looking for.  Both start hating each other due to preoccupation about lover.

The climax is about whether they join hands.

Anirudh, who does character Jeeva has done it well.  Joshna, who does character Kavitha is really appeasing to look at.  Indeed, comedy by Vadivelu, who comes as a quack, adds to the movie’s strength. 

YG Mahendran, making appearance as hero’s father, and Suman, who comes as heroine’s father have done their role well. The flaw in screenplay is obvious as romance scenes are brief and the split in relationship between the two is magnified. 

Cinematography by Kannan and music by Srikanth Deva add to the movie’s strength.  Director Vasu Baskar tries to balance the movie by showing sad plight of the hero and heroine in one track, and making audience laugh through comedy in another track.

Indeed... applause is for Vadivelu...

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