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Review by : Tamilstar team
Jiiva, Narain, Pooja Hegde , Nasser
UTV Motion

As director Mysskin announced ‘Mugamoodi’, there were discussion with stars as Suriya, Vishal and Arya. At last Jiiva was chosen for superhero role in the movie.  Mysskin has made his close friend Narain do villain character for the movie.

Pooja Hegde, Miss India, has done heroine for the movie. Mysskin has done screenplay such that it portrays how a commoner turns a superhero. 

There is much anticipation regarding the movie ‘Mugamoodi’ as it turns out first superhero movie in Tamil.  Cine people forwarded appreciation upon seeing Jiiva appearing in superhero attire in scenes for First Look teaser of the movie. 

Vijay released audio for movie ‘Mugamoodi’.  Movie songs as ‘Vaaya Moodi Summa Irudaa’, ‘Naattula…’ and ‘Maayaavi…’ have won much acclaim amidst youngsters.  The song ‘Vaaya Moodi Summa Irudaa’ has turned caller tune for youngsters and is being played in FM Radios once in a while.

The strength for the movie lies in dialogue ‘Ivan Bruce Lee, Ivan Kadhal, Ivan Ulagam, oru Asadhdhiyamaana Savaalai Edhir KoLLum Podhu, Ivan Thannai UNargiraan, Mugamoodi piRakkinRaan’.  The dialogue takes place in trailer of the movie.

K, who has done background music for ‘Yudhdham Sei’, mesmerizes everybody through songs in the movie ‘Mugamoodi’.

If a movie is by Mysskin, every scene has sincere effort behind its make.  Moreover, as the movie turns out a superhero movie, Mysskin has shown extra attention.

Jiiva has gone out of his way to do the movie.  He struggled as he wore attire weighing 11 kilos and did action scenes for the movie.

Since the movie is a direct production by UTV in Tamil, there is added attention to the movie.

Mugamoodi crew is confident that the movie would win same acclaim as First Look, Trailer, and songs. 

‘Mugamoodi’, which has scenes which would prove appeasing for children, is to be released on August 31st.  As Mysskin himself said that Jiiva has made sincere efforts for the movie, it is believed that the movie would receive welcome from fans.

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