Mugamoodi - Review

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Review by : Tamilstar team
Jiiva, Narain, Pooja Hegde, Nasser
Ronnie Screwvala,Siddharth Roy Kapur

The story of movie ‘Mugamoodi’ is about a masked youth destroying a gang which is constituted of masked robbers.

A masked robber gang indulges in atrocities as robbery and murder.  An Assistant Commissioner from Mumbai comes to Chennai to put an end to the gang’s atrocities.

Youth by name Lee, who learns Kung Fu, goes in search of students for his teacher.  He approaches fishermen and advises them to learn Kung Fu. 

But the fishermen say that there is no need for them to learn Kung Fu and that their weapon is their own protection.  Lee replies that if they are able to overpower him with those weapons, there is no need for them to learn Kung Fu. But, if it is otherwise, then there is need for them to learn Kung Fu, Lee says.

The fishermen, accepting his challenge, clash with him.  Finally, they turn losers, and Lee chases a person among them who tries to flee.  Then, assistant commissioner’s daughter Sakthi, comes to the spot and sprays drug on his face and Lee falls unconscious.  Then, she hands over Lee to the police.

Lee, who comes out of the police station, desires wreaking vengeance upon Sakthi and goes to her house.  As Lee sees her, he undergoes change of mind and starts loving her.  One fine day, he wears a mask and goes to her house to meet her. 

On his way back, he accidentally sees a robber and hands him over to the police.  Due to this, people develop respect for the masked man.

Another day, Lee goes to Sakthi’s house without mask to convey his love for her.  Then, a person turns up to kill the commissioner.  As the person fires, the bullet hits the commissioner.  Lee, upon witnessing that, tries to catch the assailant.    But the assailant abandoning his gun flees the spot.  Policemen, on hearing sound arrive at the spot.  On seeing the gun in Lee’s hand they conclude that Lee is the assailant.  As policemen rush to catch Lee, he escapes from the spot. 

The rest of the story is about how Lee struggles to clear the blame which falls upon him; about how he corners robbery gang and about how he conveys love for his date. 

Jiiva, who comes as Lee, does a practical youth and enthrals audience.  He has proven his ability in Kung Fu through action scenes in the movie.  In romance scenes and when he appears with mask, he has delivered a different style.

Narain, who has for the first time done villain role, has proven that he befits the role.   He emerges a handsome villain and adds strength to the character Angusamy. 

Pooja Hegde, who does heroine, glitters beautifully and pleases audience.  Although Nazar comes in plainclothes he creates impression as he does character of Assistant Commissioner.

K has done music composition. Two numbers are pleasing to hear and create longing to hear those numbers another time.  He has proven his ability in background music befitting the story.  The song ‘Vaaya Moodi Summa Irudaa’, lyrics for which are by Madhan Karki, makes the youth mutter those lines.  Cinematography is by Satya. 

Mysskin has done story, screenplay, and direction.  There is effort on Mysskin’s part to make the movie a different experience.  He has shattered the myth that a masked man is some adventurist who shoots up like a rocket and flies like a bird.  The movie’s former half is pleasing and wins appreciation. The latter half fails to create much impression.  Climax scene could have been more thrilling.

Anyway, the movie suits the Tamil audience and could be viewed.

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