Munnodi Review

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Review by : saravanan
Harish, Yamini Bhaskar
SPTA Kumar
K Prabu Shankar
Soham Agrawal, SPTA Rajasekhar

Violence will kill you. A thug will meet death with the knife that he took. This is the message that debutant filmmaker SPTA Kumar tries to convey through his film Munnodi.A movie set around a family, it has action and romance at right mix. Harish does it well considering this to be his maiden venture.

And add to it some comedy and twists, the end product are engaging affair.Harish is a cousin of Telugu actor Prabhas. Hence expectations run high on his shoulders. Yamini Bhaskar plays the heroine. Paval Navaneethan of Kuttram Kadithal fame and Arjuna of Kangaroo fame play baddies.

Actress Sithara dons a key role in the movie.Harish has a strained relationship with his family. He fights with his mother (Sithara) for caring a lot and showers all love on his younger brother. Harish works for a don and this increases trouble in the family.He meets Yamini Bhaskar and romance begins.

But after he is made known that his brother is suffering from heart disease and may die soon, his life changes. He loves him. But a gang kills his brother thinking it is Harish. What happens then forms the rest.Harish does a good act and so is Yamini Bhaskar.

Both get under the skin of the character and perform. Paval Navaeenthan and Arjuna have a major role to play.The movie has moments that can engage you. The brothers love, enmity and revenge are all well explained. A good show by Kumar.

Munnodi,_Family special

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