Murattu Kaalai

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Review by : Tamilstar team
Sundar C Sneha Sindhu Tolani Suman Vivek
K. Selva Bharathy
Srikanth Deva
Amirtham Gunanidhi

The Rajini Starrer ‘MurattukKaaLai’, which was released in 1980’s, has been remade without making any change to any particular scene. 

But… let us see whether the remake works out wonders as the original version starred by Rajini.

The story of ‘MurattukKaaLaai’ is simple.  Kalayan, a brave and affectionate elder brother among five brothers, is all love and dedication for his brothers.  Thulani, sister of landlord Suman has love towards Kalaiyan.

Suman eyes Sneha who is his underhand’s sister. But Sneha does not like Suman and takes refuge in Kalaiyan.

Eunuch Saroja (Vivek) plots to wreak vengeance on Suman who terminated her whole family.  She moves the dice keeping in mind Kalaiyan –Dhulani, Suman –Sneha issue. 

The climax is about how the hero and heroine marry after undergoing all arduous trials, with action scenes in the movie and stunt scenes in moving train. 

In Rajini’s ‘MurattukKaaLai’, there is bull flight as opening.  In the remake there is ‘Regla Race’.  Other than two duets with Sneha, there is no difference between original and remake.

But the remake does not have the spontaneity, interesting scenes, delivery and above all sweet music which is prominent in Rajini’s ‘MurattukKaaLai’.

Sundar C does abundant action scenes.  He performs quite well in action scenes in moving train.  But there could have been better performance as he secretively romances Sneha. 

Sneha makes appeasing appearance in the movie.  But they have made her run all through the movie.

Although performance by Vivek as a eunuch is okay, dialogues in few places makes the audience frown in disgust.  But the scene in which veterinary doctor character appears, the whole theatre shakes with laughter.

Only as we come across Suman in the movie, we understand the greatness of a great actor as Jai Shankar. 

The song ‘Podhuvaaga En Manasu…’ has been remade without changing tune, lyrics, background music and voice. For this alone, we need to thank Srikanth Deva.  Other songs are not that pleasing… Cinematography is average.

The movie makes one realise that the formula of remaking movies of lead actors as MGR or Rajini does not necessarily make the remake movie a success.

Of course, it dawns upon everybody watching the movie that remake of lead actor’s movie need not work out wonders…

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