Muthina Kathirikai Review

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Review by : Suresh
Sundar C., Poonam, Bajwa Vaibhav
Venkat Raghavan
Siddharth Vipin
Avni Cinemax

Call it a typical Sundar C film. There are jokes, humour and light-hearted scenes almost all through the movie only to end with a feel-good feeling.Produced by Kushbhu Sundar's Avni Cinemax, Muthina Kathirikai is directed by Venkat Raghavan, an associate of Sundar himself.

And seemingly inspired by Malayalam hit Vellimoonga that featured Biju Menon in the lead, Sundar C has chosen to opt for the movie to be remade in Tamil. Poonam Bajwa plays Sundar C's heroine while the cast includes Satish,Yogi Babu and Singam Puli among others.

The movie revolves around an aspiring politician played by Sundar C. The travails in his life and his encounters with his friends make up the movie.Add to it some romance and some emotional play, it is Muthina Kathirikai for you. Kudos to director Raghavan for making some minor changes in the script to suit the audience.

It manages to engross your attention.Sundar C has some desire to make it big in politics and he has men around him to help him in all tasks.Though he is middle-aged, he is still a bachelor. Desire to make it big in politics drives his life, while his accomplices want him to love a girl and marry.

There comes Poonam Bajwa. She is  much younger to him and happens to be the daughter of the bachelor's childhood sweetheart. Sundar C tries hard to win the girl's heart.Sundar C does a super show.

He is the stalk and cheese of the film.His acts as a chronic bachelor deserves a special mention.  Poonam Bajwa fits the role well, while all artistes chip in with best.But the scene-stealer is Sathish.

He brings the roof down with laughter with his one-liners and comical acts.Music is by Siddharth Vipin is peppy and cinematography is by Bhanu Murugan is good.On the whole, Muthina Kathirikai is a movie for a leisure watch. Don't miss it.

Muthina Kathirikai - Sundar C makes it work

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