‘Naan’ – Cine Review

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Review by : Tamilstar team
Vijay Antony Roopa Manjari, Anuya
Jeeva Shankar
Vijay Antony
Murali Raman Vatima

It is lack of love that proves root cause for mistakes.  Movie ‘Naan’ stresses upon this one line.  Karthik, hero for the movie, happens to spot his mother in compromising position with another adult.  Karthik’s father, upon knowledge of the intimacy between his mother and another person commits suicide.  A dejected Karthik sets afire the house and immolates his mother and illicit lover. 

Karthik undergoes detention in prison. After release from prison, as Karthik is aboard a bus, the bus encounters an accident.   Karthik comes across certificates of medical student who is a victim of the accident.  He develops a strategy to begin life anew with those certificates.  With his skill in forging signature, Karthik joins medical college with name Mohammed Saleem. 

There Karthik acquaints an affluent guy named Ashok.  Their friendship encounters hassle in form of Ashok’s lover and Karthik is forced to vacate Ashok’s house.

As Ashok comes to know that Karthik is an imposter, he threatens Karthik.  In the ensuing clash, Ashok dies.  So as to hide the murder Karthik repeatedly does mistakes.  Also, he takes efforts to retain the life he has out of being imposter.  He arrives upon a decision which is moving.

Music composer Vijay Antony does Karthik who changes identity to Mohammed Saleem.  For the first time Vijay Antony does hero. Also, he is producer for the movie.  There is not a trace of heroism in his delivery.  But there is a feeling of guilt which prevails throughout his delivery in the movie.  Thus, Vijay Antony, basically a music composer, has acquired a good name out of acting also. 

Another hero for the movie, Siddharth known through movie ‘Ananda ThaaNdavam’, does character Ashok.  He emerges in first half of the movie.  There is the spontaneous speech in him that resembles the affluent class and a trace of smile that is typical of the rich.  He proves a good selection. Also, he is appeasing to look at.

Heroine for the movie is Roopa Manjari.  In latter half, she has made use of chance to act well.  She delivers appropriately as she flounders without knowing the fate of Siddharth and as she doubts Vijay Antony. Another heroine for the movie, Anuya emerges once in a while. 

Another hero of the movie is music by Vijay Antony.  He has put in great efforts for background music and has created sensation in latter half of the movie.  Also, the songs are added strength to the movie.

The cinematographer and director for the movie is Jeeva Shankar.  During the first half audience is confused regarding the route the story takes.  The latter half leaves audience with bated breath as to the twist in scenes.  Thus audience is bound to the seat.  Clear screenplay and cinematography prove plus points for the movie.

The slow tempo during the first half proves minus for the movie. Care could have been taken with respect to non-adherence to logic at one or two junctures.

Otherwise, ‘Naan’ binds the audience to their seats.

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