‘Naan Ee’ - Review

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Review by : Tamilstar team
Sudeep, Samantha, Santhanam, Nani
SS Rajamouli
MM Keeravani

Heroine Samantha resides with sister-in-law in a multi-storey building.  Sister-in-law assists Samantha who is running a social service organization.  Nani resides in house opposite to Samantha’s.  Both Nani and Samantha romance each other silently.

In a development, Samantha approaches industrialist Sudeep to obtain donation for the social service organization she runs.  Sudeep, who is impressed at the very first sight of Samantha, starts making advances towards her.  As the first move towards attaining her, Sudeep donates Rs. 15 lakhs to the social service organization that Samantha runs.

Then, Sudeep arranges for frequent visits with Samantha and makes moves towards pulling her to his side.  Samantha, who least desires all these, contemplates snapping the connection with him.

Sudeep comes to know that Nani and Samantha are in love with each other.  He contemplates a murder plan and finishes off Nani through gangsters.

After the murder, Nani’s spirit enters the womb of a fly.  Then, Nani takes rebirth as a fly.  After encountering innumerous hassles, the fly sits upon Sudeep.  Then the fly recollects its previous birth.  Following that, the fly conveys its identity to Samantha and both the fly and Samantha get into the arena to wreak vengeance upon Sudeep.  The rest of the story is about whether the villain Sudeep is punished.

The graphics prove the first hero of the movie.  It is really amazing that the graphics have been done with the least flaw.  The design of the fly is terrific.  It is in such a way that the fly’s gestures and mannerisms are really pleasing to look at.

The second hero for the movie is Sudeep.  It is his reign all through the movie.  He has a wonderful role in the movie.  Sudeep has done it really well and wins applauses.

After that comes the hero Nani.  The selection for the role is befitting.  He fits into the role perfectly.  Since Nani dies within half an hour of the film’s beginning, there is less chance for him to act.  But still, his performance is laudable.

Heroine Samantha is really gorgeous.  She pleases audience throughout the movie with the attire of a social worker.  Although Santhanam makes less appearance, his comedy impresses audience.

Crazy Mohan’s dialogues are a credit to the movie.  Particularly the dialogue uttered by Samantha during distress melts the hearts of audience.  Also, her dashing dialogues impress audience.

Applauses are due for Rajamouli for taking up a story beyond imagination, and for having done it impeccably.  So far, a dog, an elephant, and monkey have made appearance in screen.  But this time it is a fly, and the choice is of course a challenge.  Of course, Rajamouli deserves appreciation for bringing the appropriate expressions upon the face of a fly.

The music by Maragathamani is quite pleasing to hear.  Particularly, the background music is intimidating.  The cinematography by Senthil Kumar proves a feast to eyes and there is an amazing feature about the way the scenes have been made.

No doubt… the fly creates a flutter in the hearts of fans as it buzzes about in scenes of the movie.

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