Nagaraja Cholan MA, MLA – Review

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Review by : Tamilstar team
Sathyaraj, Komal Sharma, Varsha Ashwathi, Manivannan, Raghuvannan, Seeman
James Vasanthan
S Ravichandran, K Suresh

The movie ‘Nagaraja Cholan MA, MLA’ is all about atrocities by a politician.  The political satires in the movie ring in our ears even after leaving the theatre. 

The movie should have hit screens during time when Tamil movies as ‘Mahadevi’ and ‘Arasilankumari’ were released.  It really tests a movie-goer’s patience as it is released during time when movies as ‘Naduvula Konjam Pakkatha Kanom’ are being released.  But tantrums by two elderly people prove a good time pass for the audience. 

The movie is a sequel to Tamil movie ‘Amaithi Padai’ which hit screens in 1994.  It is usual that, if a movie’s sequel is released, one compares it with first half of the movie.  When we view the sequel keeping that in mind, the movie really tests our patience. 

Nagaraja Cholan, a noted politician, uses his influence, plays the stake by threatening to bring to light the crimes done by the Chief Minister and turns the Deputy Chief Minister.  Nagaraja Cholan starts carrying out more atrocities after gaining the post. 

Nagaraja Cholan gives clearance for foreign companies to raise a factory in dense forests. Also, he concedes wiping out the jungle and promises to pave a road there.  Nagaraja Cholan issues order to receive signature of consent from forest officials. But forest officials raise voice in protest. 

Nagaraja Cholan is angered at the protest by forest officials and decides to finish them off.  Manivannan stands by Nagaraja Cholan in all the frauds that he is into. 

In another corner, Seeman, who is a social activist, along with his sister and sons, runs a hotel in a mountain village.  Elders decide to conduct marriage between Seeman and Komal Sharma, who is his sister’s daughter.  Komal Sharma is a teacher in the mountain village. 

Gangsters sent by Nagaraja Cholan enter the village to finish off the forest officials.  They chase the forest officials and gruesomely murder them.  Komal Sharma, who witnesses the murders, gets frustrated and says she does not desire to marry. 

The CBI comes from Delhi to investigate the murder. The CBI gathers evidence regarding the murder.  Nagaraja Cholan, who evicts protesting forest officials, gets into efforts to eradicate the forests.  Aborigines, who are in the forests for centuries, protest saying that they would not let anybody wipe out the forests.  Seeman supports them. 

Rest of the story is about whether Nagaraja Cholan wipes out the forests and succeeds in his political life or whether Seeman turns successful in his mission. 

Sathyaraj has done two roles as Nagaraja Cholan and CBI officer.  Sathyaraj has done the role of politician in his usual style and impresses audience.  But, he seems to have failed to perform in role of CBI officer. 

Manivannan emerges as Sathyaraj’s assistant.  Although his political satires assail contemporary politicians, those satires could be relished. 

Manivannan’s son Raghu Manivannan appears as Sathyaraj’s son in the movie.  The politics he is into is humorous.  Although Raghuvannan’s character has been chiselled impeccably, and is appropriate, he could have been used better. 

Seeman, who does a social activist, fails to impress through is role.  They have made Seeman appear in two or three scenes and his character does not show out prominently.  The role by two heroines does not stick to the movie’s story.

One should say that Manivannan has fumbled a bit in his effort to give a political satire.  Those who have seen the first half would be dissatisfied with the sequel.  Other than role by Sathyaraj and Manivannan, director Manivannan has not concentrated on other matters. 

Music composition by James Vasanthan fails to impress.  Cinematography by D Shankar proves a feast to the eyes of audience.

Scenes lack proper continuity and fail to make an impression on the audience.  But, one could relish the movie for Manivannan and Sathyaraj.

Considering everything, ‘Nagaraja Cholan MA, MLA’ has not lost the deposit.

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