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Review by : Tamilstar Team
Vijay Jeeva Srikanth Ileana D'Cruz Sathyan Sathyaraj
Harris Jayaraj
Gemini Film Circuit

The Hindi movie ‘3 Idiots’ released in 2009 made a huge collection in the box office.  This movie has been released in Tamil as ‘NaNban’.  The important aspect of the movie is that it is a remake effort by director Shankar.

Vijay, Srikanth and Jeeva have respectively taken up the characters played by Aamir Khan, Madhavan and Sharmaan Joshi.  Satyaraj has taken up the professor character played by Boman IraaNi.  Ileana is playing the role played by Kareena Kapoor. Shankar combined with Madhan Karthik to do the screenplay for Rajkumar Hirani’s story.

As director Shankar mentioned, if the movie is viewed without comparing it to the previous flicks as ‘Enthiran’ and the Hindi version ‘3 Idiots’, this can be taken as one of the best movies is Tamil.

The storyline is about the flaws in the educational system in India, and about the prevailing misconception among the parents that their child should turn out an engineer or a doctor.  The tight corner the professor encounters due to the three companions has been related in a humorous manner.  There is a proper mixture of love, friendship and melancholy in the movie.  It is noteworthy that the screenplay is the major asset for the movie.

Vijay has delivered his role without putting on airs.  Although he has imitated Aamir Khan at several junctures, it is an enjoyable delivery.  The movie is a wonderful chance for Srikanth who has taken the movie ahead by sticking to the story.  The delivery by both Srikanth and Jeeva is enjoyable.  Satyaraj is a befitting selection for the role of professor.  Ileana proves a suitable pair for Vijay.  The mischievous role played by Sathyan outshines other characters throughout the movie.  The movie ‘NaNban’ has given wonderful scope for Sathyan.

After ‘Anniyan’ Shankar has again proven that he can get good music from Harris Jayaraj.  Usually in Shankar’s movies, there is a whole movie in one song.  But in ‘NaNban’ there is a remix of the background of songs in his previous movies.  In few songs taking place in ‘NaNban’, one cannot avoid recollecting the background in previous ventures as ‘Anniyan’ and ‘Sivaji’.  The performances by Vijay and Farah Khan are tremendous.  Manoj Paramahamsa’s camera and Antony’s editing prove major assets to the movie.

‘NaNban’ may be taken as one among Vijay’s best ventures.  Madhan Karthi’s presence is clearly felt throughout the movie.

Nanban will attain heights of popularity amongst fans.

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