Saivam Review

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Review by : Suresh
Nassar, Sara Arjun, Baasha, Twara Desai
G. V. Prakash Kumar
Think Big Studios

After working with the likes of Ajith, Vijay and Vikram, AL Vijay has come out with a film starring relatively lesser known stars barring Nasser in Saivam. The movie conveys a strong message but in a lighter vein through the eyes of a child.

What begins as a family reunion ends up sending a thoughtful message. Vijay has managed to do it without much fuss. There is no crass comedy, no romantic duets and punchlines. Nasser plays the pivotal character around whom the whole story revolves. Baby Sara as his grand daughter excels.

Set in a village in Karaikudi, the film is a riot of colours thanks to cameraman Nirav Shah. Music by G V Prakash compliments the theme. Nasser is the head of a family in a village. He is respected by all. His grand daughter Baby Sara is an intelligent girl.

The whole family of Naseer comes together or a reunion for a annual temple festival. The life and culture of the traditional families in Karaikudi is well portrayed.

Sadly a rooster grown to be offered to Lord goes missing. The family begins its search. Eventually they found out that it was the handwork of Baby Sara, who takes pity on the bird and tries to save it.

This incident turns the whole family to vegetarians. Nasser is amazing and chips in with a wonderful performance as usual. His measured and methodical acting is the cynosure of all eyes.

Baby Sara does her best. The young girl is cute and her expressions are adequate. All the rest including Lufthudeen Basha does well. The high point of the movie is feel-good moments in the family and amazing camera work of Nirav Shah.

The village has been captured with its beauty. Saivam is no preachy. An entertaining fare well -narrated.

Its values and relationship

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