Nee Enge En Anbe Review

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Review by : Suresh
Nayantara, Pasupathy, Vaibhav Reddy
Sekhar Kammula
M. M. Keeravani
Endemol India, Logline Productions, Select Media H

Doing a remake is always a challenge. There will be comparisons and one needs right artiste to do appropriate roles. Especially when it was informed that the blockbuster Hindi hit Kahaani, a story of a pregnant women in search of her hubby is being made in Tamil, all raised eye-brows.

Questions were asked whether it will match the original. But with seasoned campaigners like Nayanthara and filmmaker Sekar Kamulla coming together, the end product is engaging and riveting.

The movie speaks about Nayanthara's search for her newly-wed hubby. Here Kolkata is replaced by Hyderabad. The director substituted pregnant woman with a newly-wed. Vaibhav and Pasupathy have done crucial roles. Music is by Maragathamani.

It is the story of Anamika (Nayanthara). She arrives in Hyderabad and heads to the police station from the airport. Anamika insists on staying at a seedy guest house, which proudly advertises running hot water because the employees include a young boy who runs to the rooms with a kettle of hot water.

She is helped in her quest by an earnest cop Sarathy (Vaibhav). But her husband seems to have disappeared into thin air - there are no school records, no relatives, no immigration records for him. Things go for a toss once Khan, a senior encounter specialist enters. Did she succeed in her mission or not forms the crux.

Nayathara had come out with a riveting show. She pours right emotions and does her role with aplomb. As desperate wife who pours out right emotions, Naynthara sparkles. Equally appealing is Vaibhav. As Sarathy he does his job well. Pasupathy's body language and arrogance in his eyes adds substance to the story.

Music by Maragathamani adds sheen. Sekar Kamulla deserves pat for making right changes. On the flip side, the film's first half moves at a slow pace which might not appeal to the audience. Moreover, there are several Telugu dialogues in the film without any subtitles.

Race to trace

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