Nee Thane En Ponvasantham - Review

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Review by : Tamilstar team
Jiiva, Samantha, Santhanam
Gautam Vasudev Menon
Reshma Ghatala, Venkat Somasundaram, Elred Kumar,

The movie ‘Nee Thane En Pon Vasantham’ has raised many an eyebrow as to whether it is movie by Gautam Menon who gave evergreen movies as ‘Minnalae’ and ‘Kaakka Kaakka’. 

From 2nd Standard, both Jiiva and Samantha are friends.  Out of a small issue, both clash and separate.  Then, they study in same school during 10th Standard.  They forget the old enmity and turn friends.  The friendship continues till 11th Standard.  Then, both clash again and separate. 

From then, both do not maintain any contact. But they happen to meet each other in festival participated by students of many colleges.  Then again, they forget enmity and move closely.  This results in romance between each other.  At a stage, clash erupts again and they separate.  

After considerable years, Jiiva turns up at a village by seashore to see his lover Samantha.  So as to meet Samantha who is in the village, Jiiva stays there for 10 days at a stretch.  As Jiiva meets Samantha and speaks to her, there is clash between the two again. 

Then, both Jiiva and Samantha meet in Chennai again.  Then, Jiiva says that he is to get married the next month.  Samantha is astonished at the news.  The rest of the story is about whether Jiiva’s marries somebody else or whether the love between Jiiva and Samantha fructifies as marriage. 

The movie is a standing example to how a movie could be made without any story to it.  Jiiva makes rounds in the movie as school student, college student and a professional.  Jiiva, who attracts us as a youth does not attract as school student.  He is the same Jiiva as he was when he was 14.  He is dull always. Jiiva could have concentrated more on acting. 

Samantha has not acted the role of Nithya, but has lived the character to the fullest.  Samantha has revealed her talent in acting through role as school student, through romance as college student, and woman who frets following separation from lover.  Samantha has done a great job as an actress. 

Santhanam adds interest to the screenplay during the former half which lacks background music.  The theatre applauds and whistles to the comment made by Santhanam.  Comment by Santhanam ‘Ponnungalum Gas Baloonum Onnu Vittaa Paranthuruvaanga’ wins thunderous applause among the audience.  The plump girl who pairs up with Santhanam makes us notice her. 

Mainly because director Gautam Menon has done successful flicks intertwined with love and separation, he has successfully handled the screenplay for the movie.  He has brought to life the characters of Varun and Nithya.  During first 10 minutes, the story progresses like in a dubbing movie.  

The cinematography by MS Prabhu has given the necessary feel to the movie.  The songs by Music Maestro Ilayaraja have already turned hit.  For those who turn up to see how it has been cinematized, only disappointment is left.  The background music is not mention worthy.   

Usually, in Gautam Menon’s movies, the dialogues are a big strength.  But the dialogues are the main drawback in this movie.  There is no depth to the scenes as it is required for dialogues in the movie.  The scenes are artificial and dramatised.  Since these are obvious throughout the movie, one is not able to relish the movie.

Taking everything into account the movie ‘Nee Thane En Pon Vasantham’ springs no pleasant surprise to the audience.

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