Neerparavai - Review

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Review by : Tamilstar team
Vishnu, Sunaina, Saranya, Ram, Samuthirakani, Azhagamperumal, Yogi Devaraj
Seenu Ramaswamy
NR Raghunandan
Udhayanidhi Stalin, Red Giant Movies

Story and dialogues for movie NeerPaRavai is by director Seenu Ramaswamy. Out of social interest, he has taken the movie and given voice for fishermen. 


The comments the crew made regarding the movie and the promotional strategies they undertook made one feel that the movie would turn out a wonderful one. But the movie turns out a very average one. 

Anyway, let us consider the movie’s story. 

Arulappasamy, an orphan, is adopted by Mary and Lourdu couple.  As the seashore village sees him, they panic as he begs for money to booze.  As he pesters everybody for money, the village people chase him away.  But, they leave alone his mother.  Then, Arulappasamy comes across Esther and is entangled in romance with her. But he is not able to leave his drinking habit.

As the effort by parents fail, hero for the movie, Vishnu tries to correct himself through his love for heroine Sunaina. 

Would they let a drunkard correct himself that soon? The entire village thrashes him. As even his father thrashes him, Vishnu takes refuge in rehabilitation center.  After being in the rehabilitation center, the hero Vishnu corrects himself.  Then the village respects him.  As the hero tries to go for fishing into the sea, villain Das prevents him from fishing. He says that one cannot let orphans like Vishnu venture into the sea. 

A Good Samaritan Samuthirakani provides Vishnu with a boat. What happens to Vishnu who ventures into the sea? That is the story of NeerPaRavai.

Until the interval, hero for the movie, Vishnu is shown a boozer.  So as provide appeal to the very average story, there is a flash back narrated by Nandita Das.  The director has not taken any extra effort in narrating the flashback other than showing the cover of a old magazine.

Seenu Ramaswamy won award for best regional movie through his effort in ‘Then MaeRku ParuvakaatRu’.  But the story he has chosen for movie NeerParavai is a very average one. 

Also, the dialogues in the movie are highly irrelevant and the audience is not able to make out why such dialogues are there in the movie.

The music for the movie is by NR Raghunandan.  One cannot tolerate hearing the songs and the background music is worse.  As the piano is being used for background music, the audience feels like rushing out of the theater to take refuge in a silent spot.

A comment needs to be made about cinematography by Balasubramaniam.   A question arises as to why there is this much lighting for story about fisherman who goes into sea to eke out his living.  The cinematography does not hold appeal among the audience.

Above all, after seeing the movie, one cannot restrain himself from commenting that the movie does not meet the anticipation that it triggered.

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