Neram – Review

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Review by : Tamilstar team
Nivin, Nazriya Nazim, Thambi Ramaiah, Nassar, John Vijay, Simhaa
Alphonse Putharen
Rajesh Murugesan
Koral Group Viswanathan

Movie ‘Neram’ relates humorously how pauper turns king if time is good and how a king turns pauper if time is bad. 

To give a hit, one need not take extreme pains like Mani Ratnam... There is no inevitable requirement for a story... also there is no need for loading the protagonist with huge challenges... Even if the movie’s plot is a very serious one, if there is comedy intertwined in the story, fans would forgive the director even if the screenplay has been messed up with in some places.  This is the secret of success by short film directors moving to the silver screen. 

Alphonse Putharen, who has directed movie ‘Neram’, has taken up the venture sticking to the style.  Alphonse Putharen has not alone done the story and screenplay, but also has edited the movie. 

Let us come to the story. 

‘Neram’ which means ‘Time’ is of two types. One is good time and another in bad time.  The movie starts with the note that if there is a bad time, it would surely be followed by good time, and the movie ends with a happy note.  

The movie’s hero Nivin works in a private organization.  As the company incurs loss, Nivin loses his job.  In a development, the movie’s hero Nivin gets loan of Rs 50, 000 for his sister’s marriage from a person called Vatti Raja.  He gets the loan promising repayment within four months. 

But, the movie’s hero Nivin does not get job within stipulated time.  So, he is not able to repay the debt as promised.  Vatti Raja sets deadline for Nivin to pay the loan by 5 in the evening. 

Nivin romances Nazriya Nazim from very since schooldays.  Nazriya Nazim’s father Thambi Ramaiah who initially gives clearance to marriage, refuses to give his daughter’s hands in marriage to Nivin as he is immersed in debt. Nazriya Nazim, unable to be away from Nivin, bolts from her house.  Then, she loses her chain to a chain-snatcher. 

In the other end, Nivin is ignorant about the developments.  He gets money from his friend to repay the borrowed loan.  Then, he receives call from Nazriya Nazim.  Then, she explains how she lost her chain to a chain-snatcher. As Nivin is in heated argument about what happened to Nazriya Nazim, he loses his money. 

Another person Manick, who borrowed loan from Vatti Raja, is in a fix about how he is to clear the debt.  At that juncture, Nazriya Nazim borrows his phone to call up Nivin.  As Vatti Raja observes the proceedings, he mistakes both for lovers and kidnaps Nazriya Nazim thinking she is Manick’s lover.  Thambi Ramaiah files complaint with police inspector John Vijay that his daughter is missing. 

The rest of the story is about whether Nazriya Nazim is rescued, whether Nivin and Nazriya Nazim are united, and whether the debt is cleared on time. 

The movie’s hero is Nivin.  He bears the semblance of Keralite.  He suits the chocolate boy character.  In the first half he appears with smiling face and in the second half he is seen scurrying around with no time. 

The movie’s heroine is Nazriya Nazim.  Even before release of debutant venture, she is into three movies.  She appears beautiful and also suits the role.  But the scope for revealing talent is limited. 

For the first time, Simhaa does main villain character.  His performance is outstanding.  Although Nassar appears in second half, he is awesome to look at.  The whole theatre shakes with laughter at the comedy by Thambi Ramaiah.  The police station comedy by John Vijay is something to be relished.  Also, Ramesh, Crane Manohar and Charle have done their roles well. 

Appreciations are due for director Alphonse Putharen for handling the debutant venture impeccably.

The music and mesmerizing cinematography raises many an eyebrow.  Anand Chandran wins applauses for cinematography which shows the dawn and overcast skies with no glaring light in the scenes.  The cinematography fits into the movie well.  More than numbers by Rajesh, background music is impressing.   

Humorous dialogues in the first half are missing in the latter half.  Due to the lengthy scenes, the story seems to stagger a bit as it progresses.

Taking everything into account, ‘Neram’ is worth watching.

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