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Review by : Tamilstar team
Siddharth, Nithya Menen, Priya Anand,
Sathyam cinemas and Aghal films

It is definitely a milestone movie for Siddharth, who is coming back to Kollywood after a gap of 7 years. With the visuals of Jayendra, an Ad man-turned-director, this movie takes you to a journey of that stylish and sophisticated gossamer dream.

Perception of life changes to Mano (Siddharth) at the banks of river Ganges at Kasi, the place he visits to perform rites for his family. He comes to Chennai and gets close to a couple, Mouli and Geetha and stays in their house. He enjoys life the fullest and gets involved in meaningful social acts, and is liked by everyone. Vidhya (Nithya Menen), a photo journalist, impressed with his good-heart, falls in love with Mano. He decides to leave Chennai when she expresses her heart.

Vidhya meets with an accident, and with onus on him, Mano takes her to US for treatment. Here comes the flashback, where the hero is introduced as Ajay, a medical doctor. He enters into a romantic affair with Renu (Priya Anand) and the couple gets married. Little later, the film takes another twist when Ajay is diagnosed with cancer and is dying. The film comes back to the present where Mano takes Vidhya to US for treatment.

Where is Ajay’s wife Renu. Would Ajay survive? Would the married couple join in life or Vidhya’s love is accepted. The climax tells it all.

A resolute man, a romantic hunk and an inexplicable character, all comes easy to this young actor. And, Siddharth does it with élan. This talented actor sure will go places. Priya Anand and Nithya Menen, with their charm and acting skills, captivate our hearts. Sri Charan, Mouli and Geetha also impress us.

Jayendra, with his experience as Ad film maker proves his mettle with emotions and stunning visuals. The script could have been given a little more care, as the second half is bit dragging and some scenes are very much predictable.

The camera work of Balasubramaniam is amazing. The experienced lens man gets all the credit for the fresh look of places in India and US. Music by Shareth deserves a mention. The songs are already on the top of the charts. The song ‘Rules kidaiyaathu’ takes both our eyes and ears a good attention.

In all, the film, produced by Sathyam cinemas and Aghal films, excels with its classy visuals. It will be much appreciated by the city audience. The emotional scenes and songs also play the part for the success of the movie. Only the predictable scenes and little dragging second half hold back the film from becoming a super duper hit.

Nootrenbadhu is enjoyable!

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