Onaayum Aattukkuttiyum

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Review by : Tamilstar team
Sri Mysskin Adithya Shaji

Director Mysskin has a unique style of directing movies.  Movie ‘Onayum Aatukuttiyum’ is one such movie by Mysskin. 
Mysskin has a unique style in maintaining the perfection in screenplay, and has unique style of shooting scenes.  Mysskin is talented to the extent of making an ordinary commercial movie stick to international standards. Movie ‘Onayum Aatukuttiyum’ is one such movie. 

Sri, a medical college student finds Mysskin lying in the road after being hit by a bullet.  He carries Mysskin to a private hospital, where they refuse to treat him saying that it is a police case.  So, Sri approaches the police, but police delay necessary action. Nobody volunteers to save Mysskin’s life. 
Sri takes Mysskin to his house, receives directions from his college lecturer, and carries out surgery on Mysskin to take out the bullet.  Then, Mysskin escapes from the place, and police roundup Sri’s family. 

Then, it comes to light that Mysskin is a criminal who has carried out many murders.  Police play the stake to corner Mysskin by using Sri. But, Mysskin tries to escape the police with Sri’s help.  Suddenly, gang of villains chases Mysskin.  The story is about what happens to Mysskin. The story unfolds in an interesting manner. 

Anybody other than Mysskin who takes up such a story would have messed it up.  But, in spite of the fact that the movie does not have the regular formula, Mysskin has come out with a wonderful movie. 

Mysskin attracts fans not alone as director, but also as a good actor.  Once again, Mysskin has proved that there is a good actor in every director.  Through the scene in which he narrates the story, there is a very tight close-up and Mysskin has impressed fans through the scene. 

Sri, who did movie ‘Vazhakku En 18/9’ is the other hero.  This is the second movie for Sri who has done medical student in the movie.  But, he has performed like he is a very experienced actor.  Although there are no lengthy dialogues, Sri has impressed through his expressions alone. 

Shaji, who has done CB CID police is a perfect selection for the role.  Also, he is voice adds to the strength of the character.  Also, the screenplay gears up as he addresses medico in front of commissioner. 

Although the entire movie happens in the night, Junior Ranga has handled the camera such that there is clarity and perfection. 

There is no number in the movie.  There is no need for a number.  In the title, it is displayed as ‘Ilayarajavin Munnani Isai Korppu’. Only after viewing the movie, one is able to make out reason for that. Ilayaraja’s music is like the pulse for the movie. 

Although the screenplay is perfect and scenes are interesting, the gang of villains with goons in it resembles characters in children’s program in television.  Thus, it causes a frown among the audience.  But, Mysskin has compensated the shortcoming through interesting action scenes and chasing scenes. 

Although Mysskin has not earned crores through his movies, he has helped in making Tamil cinema progress in the appropriate path.

Onayum Aatutkuttiyum turns out a feast for fans

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