Onbadhula Guru - Review

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Review by : Tamilstar team
Vinay Rai, Sathyan, Premji Amaren, Aravind Akash, Lakshmi Rai, Sona
PT Selvakumar
S Sivakumar, R Sivakumar

Movie ‘Onbadhula Guru’ was made with a small budget, and amidst huge anticipations.  The astrology says that if planet Guru is in the ninth place in the horoscope, every attempt the individual undertakes would turn success. 

As per the story, four friends go to Bangalore to celebrate bachelor party.  Three among the friends are dissatisfied with marriage life.  They develop interest upon one particular woman.  The movie’s story is about what they do to entice the girl, the issues arising out of that and how they come out of the problems they encounter. 

The movie’s story is the same old and very stale one, and director has made it unfold haphazardly.  The movie’s story has influence of movies as ‘Inru Poi Naalai Vaa’ and ‘Kanna Laddu Thinna Aasaiya’.  The movie’s story progresses such that it makes mockery of lead actors, and also bears semblance to SV Sekar’s dramas. 

There are dialogues from many movies, and numbers from many movies as background.  Vinay does the hero ‘Billa’ David.  Sathyan does character named Ranga, Aravind Akash does Kochadaiyaan, and Chaams does Guru.  These four are the 4 idiots that occur in the caption of the movie. 

Every frame in the movie makes it is obvious that the director is new to the profession.  Unnecessary scenes are thrust into the movie, and there is lack of proper screenplay. Also, the story is sagging after interval. These are the major weaknesses in the movie. 
Although there are these many comedy actors in the movie, only Sathyan and Premji’s comedy is noteworthy.  Out of luck through movies as ‘Nanban’ and ‘Thuppaakki’ Sathyan stands out among the artistes in the movie. 

As one sees Power Star who has succumbed to marketing strategy by the director, one could only feel sorry for him.  The director has made use of Power Star for item number and has made him narrate the story. Till date, the promotions are being made by showing the ‘Power’. But could one deceive Tamil fans that easily? 

Premji Amaren is student who romances teachers.  Mongoose Chitra Lakshmanan, known for role in Boss Engira Baskaran does priest.  Lollu Sabha Swaminathan does heroine’s father Velu Nayakkar.  Shanmuga Sundaram, known for role in Karagaatta Kaaaran does David Billa’s father Chinna Gounder.  Manobala does the house owner.  But still, comedy scenes which do not provoke laughter are in abundance in the movie. 

Female artistes as Lakshmi Rai, Mantra, Hardika Shetty and Roopashree add to the movie’s strength.  Director has made Lakshmi Rai do scenes so that the movie draws audience from among youth.  Also, he has made Sona dance for a number. 

But, as the audience squirm and fidget in their seats waiting for the movie to get over, three among the heroes reform themselves.  This is most unbelievable!

Actress Lakshmi Rai speaks dialogue in the movie that Guru is in the ninth place for her. Thus the movie’s title occurs as dialogue in one scene.  PT Selvakumar, PRO for Vijay is the director of the movie. 

For one who has very poor horoscope, he or she is blessed with the opportunity of watching the movie ‘Onbadhula Guru’.

Taking everything into account, the movie is an ill-fated one.

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