Oru Oorla Movie Review

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Review by : Suresh
Neha Patil, Venkatesh
K.S Vasanthakumar

Amidst gun-totting heroes and revenge stories, comes Oru Oorula, a simple but an emotional tale on family values. The relationship between a young child and her uncle is what the movie is all about. 

At a time when nuclear families have become the order of the day, the need to live together is what Oru Oorula tries to convey. Produced by P Velusamy and directed by K S Vasanthakumar, the movie  is about how the hero treats his elder brother's daughter as his mother and how this changes his entire outlook on life. With maestro Ilayaraja on board, the background score takes the movie to greater heights.

Though it is an earthy tale, the director has consciously avoided the cliches associated with such themes. Though a family entertainer, he has ensured that it is no tear-jerker. The innocence of village life is well-captured.

The cast comprises Venkatesh and Neha Patel in the lead, with Indrajit and Annapoorani playing important roles. Venkatesh played a prominent role in Ameer's Paruthiveeran.

Venkatesh leads a wayward life and everything is nothing but a bottle of liquor for him. His elder brother, who happens to the councillor of the area, is admired and respected by all in the village.

Venkatesh's life takes a turn after a baby girl is born to his brother. He sees his mother in the child. He develops a bonding with the child and it reciprocates.

When all things go well, one bad act by his brother, lands both the child and Venkatesh in trouble. He is forced to go the extreme in his life. Almost all the characters have performed to their potential. Though a majority of them are amateurs, they have managed to get under the skin of the character, a commendable job to extract the best from them.

Vasanthakumar has choosen to keep things simple. The dialogues are witty at many places. Though the filmmaker has tried to convey a broader message to the society of respecting family values, he has not gone preachy.

The film which manages to flow freely untill the climax ends on bumpy note. Perhaps the little commercial compromise in the form of a stunt sequence when curtains are about to fall, did not go well.

They say small is beautiful. If so, it fits well for Oru Orrula.

Simple and sweet

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