Paagan – Cine Review

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Review by : Tamilstar team
Srikanth, Janani Iyer, Soori, Pandi, Kovai Sarala
Mohammed Aslam
James Vasanthan
Viswas U Lad, V. Purushothaman

Paagan is movie centering a cycle which turns out main character for the movie.  The story is an interesting narration by the cycle and at last the cycle sacrifices its life.  The screenplay and dialogues are by debutant director Aslam.

Srikanth, hailing from Pollachi and from a simple family, along with his friends Soo and Pandi wants to become a millionaire within short span of time.  So, they get loans from many people and start a business.  But, things go against them. 

At last, Srikanth decides to make use of affluent women in the area and thus usurp their property.  Keeping his goal in mind, he romances Janani Iyer.  Janani believes that Srikanth is truly in love with her and she forsakes her parents and takes refuge in Srikanth.

Since Srikanth does not have much money, he is not able to eke out living with his wife Janani.  So, Srikanth confesses to Janani that he married her for money and chases her away.  Then, he goes to Tiruppur.  Friends who are afraid of Janani’s father separate from Srikanth.

Srikanth who goes to Tiruppur realizes that Janani has been truly in love with him since childhood, and he undergoes change of mind.  So, he goes in search of Janani with true love for her.  But before that, Janani goes abroad.  He does whatever job he gets and saves money to see Janani.  The rest of the story is about whether the separated couple meets and is about the fate of the cycle.

Sirkanth emerges as Cycle Subramani and wins applauses.  Srikanth is very careful about his expenditures and the shortcuts he contemplates are related in humorous manner.  But the Coimbatore lingo that Srikanth uses does not impress.  Janani pleases the audience only in scenes in which she makes him roam about in search of her throughout Pollachi.

The combination of Soori and Pandi makes the audience laugh. In some places their dialogues are boring.  If this combination had come with better comedy it would have turned a super hit.

Kovai Sarala, who does Srikanth’s mother and the actor who does his father make the theater shake with laughter.

Cinematography is by Lakshman.  He has presented in a beautiful manner the scenic beauties of Pollachi.  In the latter half of the movie, his depiction of Tiruppur’s busy life is not that impressing.

The music is by James Vasanthan. Although the background music does not impress, the lyrics written to describe Janani’s beautiful eyes make the audience hum the song.

The hero is one who is mad after money.  It could have been better if the hero’s interest in cycle had been related in more impressing manner.

The hero who seeks shortcuts to earn money flounders in Tiruppur. This is of course not believable. 

It is of course not believable that Janani, who owns property worth several crores, abandons her family and comes behind Srikanth.

There is tinge of enthusiasm to the climax scene.

Overall, appreciations are due for Aslam, who has succeeded in giving a humorous movie as ‘Paagan.’

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