Palakkattu Madhavan Review

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Review by : Suresh
Vivek, Sonia Agarwal, Sheela
M Chandramohan
Srikanth Deva
ABC Dreams

Comedy is Vivek's forte. Unlike his previous heroic venture Nan Thaan Bala which was too emotional, the actor has played to his strength in Palakattu Madhavan.

His one-liners manages a decent outing and with the likes of veteran actress Sheela and Sonia Agarwal around, the movie manages to pass the muster. Directed by Chandramohan, the movie has enough moments to make you laugh.

It revolves around Vivek, a middle-class and his travails to set things right in his family.  Madhavan (Vivek) earns much less than his wife Lakshmi (Sonia Aggarwal). He develops an inferiority complex. Moreover, both of them work in the same company and Madhavan hates the manager (Manobala) who always finds fault with Madhavan.

After a failed attempt in finding another job to earn more than his wife, Madhavan cpomes up with a strange idea. He adopts an old woman (Sheela) as his mother with a hope  that it will give him the needed monthly salary which is higher than his wife's earning. But the real trouble begins for him only now.

Vivek as usual steals the show with his screen presence. He has played his part exceedingly well, while Sheela sparkles as old mother. Soni9a Agarwal does a neat job while the rest of the cast are adequate.

Though the story sounds interesting, the movie has some lull moments in its execution. But Vivek's signature style saves the film. Amidst horror films, Chandramoan and Vivek have come up with a light-hearted venture, which deserves a praise.

Vivek special

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