Pandianadu Review

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Review by : Tamilstar team
Vishal, Vikranth, LakshmiMenon, Bharathiraja
Vishal Film Factory

In a Diwali race where a huge star and quite a big star are set to hog the limelight with full fledged entertainers, here comes a movie that carries a star a few notches lower in the popularity ladder. Surely, this is madness in the face of a storm, one might think. Why would Vishal and Suseenthiran want to go head on into Arrambam and Azhaguraja, both movies from experienced and established teams? The answer is simple, they are confident that a good movie can leave its mark even in the toughest of markets. Yes, Pandianaadu is not here banking on Vishal’s stardom, it is here on the strength of a well-written script filmed in an appropriate way.

Pandianaadu is a complete action thriller with a few other entertaining elements mixed in just sufficient measures to make it a satisfying experience. The best thing about Pandianaadu is that it never tries to be a hero vehicle where the leading man single handedly bashes up a whole truckload of bad guys. The action is always grounded in reality, for most parts, which is a rarity in these days of overdone heroism. And, it is refreshing to see Vishal play such a character because he has done a lot of roles that are on the other side of the spectrum, and the results have not been too satisfactory.

Set in Madurai, the movie explores the transformation of the protagonist from a completely amiable simpleton to a wreaker of vengeance after his family gets unwittingly caught up in a clash between two rival gangs of the city. His actions and search for retribution are because of purely personal reasons. There is no ‘saving the society’ angle or ‘ridding the country of evils’ intention here. This is just a story of many trying to protect himself and his family, and he realizes that the only way to do it is by finishing the gang.

The well-planned, completely logical, well shot and sharply edited fight sequences are the biggest highlight of the movie. You will surely enjoy the climax confrontation.

The romance track of Vishal and Lakshmi Menon is cute and is given only limited screen time. Even with this limited presence Lakshmi Menon manages to leave a mark, which tells that she is rapidly growing as an actress. Suri is the man responsible to make us smile and he does so, but none of this deviates from the overall tense feel of the movie, and the credit for that goes to Suseenthiran.

Vikranth, well, a lot of us might have forgotten about him. It’s been a while since he was seen on screen, but he makes a comeback that should make you wonder why he never found any success as a lead actor. But, the show stealer is definitely Bharathiraja. You have to watch the movie to really understand how well he has performed.

Technically, the movie benefits hugely from Imman’s background score and Anthony’s editing, which keep the tension and tempo of the movie alive throughout. Camera too does justice to the mood of the movie. Pandianaadu is definitely an action thriller that stands out for its treatment. Revenge dramas and action entertainers are very common in Kollywood. But, there are very few which do not bank on the hero’s muscle power, but rely on tact and logical confrontations rather. Pandianaadu is worth a watch for this reason.

Action thriller that grips tight throughout

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