Panithuli - Review

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Review by : Tamilstar team
Ganesh Venkatraman, Kalpana Pandit, Shibana Shankar
Natti Kumar
Agnel Roman, Faizan Hussain
Dreams of Frame

Siva, the hero who is in search of job, and Meera, who studies in medical college romance each other.  Meera suggests Siva that if he really desires marrying her, he needs to attain a good position and then ask her father to give her hand in marriage to him. 

Meera arranges for face to face interview in a big company in America.  One fine day, Meera needs a book.  Siva goes in search of the book.  Then, he sees gangsters burning a youth alive.  Siva tries to save the youth.  But his efforts do not fructify.  He observes that a noted icon is head for the gang. 

Following this, Siva gets a job in America through assistance by Meera.  Meera, upon knowledge of the development, arranges for meeting between Siva and her father.  Upon seeing her father Rajaram, Siva realizes that he is the head for the rowdy gang.

Rajaram imposes certain conditions upon Siva to marry his daughter Meera.  As per that, he says that Siva should not maintain any contact with Meera for one year.  After that, if Siva approaches he would marry her off to Siva, Meera’s father Rajaram promises.

Also, Siva warns that if Rajaram does not stick to his promise he would reveal the truth about Rajaram’s involvement in the murder of youth.

Rajaram, infuriated at the warning, decides to finish off Siva.  Siva, who goes to America, encounters an accident and loses memory of instances that happened within 5 years.  The rowdy gang comes to know this and abruptly stops chasing him.

Siva befriends Maya who works with him in the office.  Both go for expedition into jungle with their friends.  Jungle dwellers give Maya a herb.  Siva gets the herbal tonic and consumes it.

After intake of herb, memories about Meera run in Siva’s mind.  Vision expands like both Siva and Meera are married and that he is seeing the wedding photos. 

Siva wakes up and realizes that it is a dream.  He consults a doctor to know better about the dream.  Through the doctor, Siva regains memory of instances that happened.  As memory is restored, Siva tries to meet Meera.  As rowdy gang headed by Rajaram comes to know that Siva has regained his memory, they decide to finish him off.

The rest of story is about whether Siva relates his love for Meera and marries her or whether he is entrapped by the rowdy gang.

The movie turns out debutant venture for Ganesh Venkatraman as hero.  Ganesh Venkatraman does Siva.  He has revealed his talent in acting beautifully.  He fits perfectly into the character of a software engineer. It is to be noted that of late, Tamil cinema has got a handsome hero.  Ganesh Venkatraman has revealed his talent as mentally disturbed individual, a romantic hero and action hero in the movie.

Kalpana, who does Meera has done impeccably the role as modern girl.  The glamour by Shobana, who does Maya, is mesmerizing. 

The background music by Agnel Roman and Faizan Hussain has turned out well.  The background music has added to the interesting twist in scenes.

Through cinematography my Rajkumar, many locations in America turn a feast to eyes of audience.  Natti Kumar has done story, screenplay and dialogues.  Also, he is director for the movie.  Also, he makes round as underhand for Meera’s father.  As he chases the hero so as to finish him off, he gives intimidating performance.

After interval, visualization of scenes is confusing. This has resulted in the movie’s pace slowing down.

Over all, there is no doubt that ‘Panithuli’ proves a cooling experience for audience.

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