Paradesi - Review

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Review by : Tamilstar team
Adharva, Dhansika, Vedhika
GV Prakash Kumar

For the last 20 minutes, movie ‘Sethu’ by Bala was very moving..  Although in movie ‘Pithamagan’ by Bala, delivery by artistes was commendable, it was a cynical movie without much story to it.  Movie ‘Naan Kadavul’ by Bala turned out a mass hero movie.  Movie ‘Avan Ivan’ which was again by Bala is output by creative artiste reflecting a eunuch’s life.  But movie ‘Paradesi’ is one which would deeply move anybody. 

Bala’s fans may very well pride over the movie ‘ Paradesi’. 

As a matter of fact, movie ‘Paradesi’ is the best one among movies by Bala.  The movie ‘Paradesi’ proves yet another milestone for Bala.  The movie of course sticks to world standards.  The movie is another feather upon Bala’s cap. 

Only Bala could fill the void in Tamil cinema that has been left by Mahendran.  The movie is sure one among three best movies in the history of Tamil cinema. 

The movie ‘Paradesi’ has already had great impact upon many among audience.  For anybody who has seen the movie, it would take a long time for the impact to wane away.  Only a great artiste as Bala could come out with such a heartrending movie.
The story of the movie starts in Saloor, a village and the movie’s story dates back to 1939.  The movie relates the life of people there, their habits and the marriage traditions that the people stick to.  Adharva (Ottu Porukki (Ennum) Rasa) does a trumpeter in the movie.  Vedhika (Angamma) romances Adharva, a simpleton.  One need not elaborate much about how Bala brings out the characters. The characters are impeccable.  Adharva’s grandmother surpasses comedy by other comedy artistes so far. 

There is greater influence of story ‘Idalaakudi Raasaa’ by Nanjil Naadan upon Bala.  Those who read the story very well know the deeply moving lines in the story as ‘Raasa Vandiya Vittuduvaen’. 

The character done by Adharva bears close semblance to the character in ‘Idalaakudi Raasaa’.  Bala has made use of the same words as ‘Raasa Vandiya Vittuduvaen’. 

The movie’s story is about how people from famine-hit village are transported to tea estates as bonded labourers.  The movie directly relates the story. 

Bala has taken up the plot with a clear screenplay.  There are no irrelevant scenes in the movie.  Even the boss (Kangaani) of the bonded labourers is not entirely a villain.  He also receives thrashings.  Even the so-called doctor who gives medicine fears that he would accumulate sin as he cuts off the veins in the leg.  Those doctors who appear like they are ray of hope for the bonded labourers are obsessed with missionary job.  There is not the usual hero in the movie who tackles the villain in the climax scene of the movie. 

The movie is packed with dialogues which are like whiplash, and comedy is intertwined with melancholy.  The climax is terrorizing.  The movie unfolds like the bursting of crackers.  Bala has once again proved that he is the best director in India. 

The scene which shows Adharva asking tea estate boss ‘Nyaayamaa Re’ meaning ‘Is it just?’ makes the blood freeze.  Only Bala could come out with such a scene...

After viewing the movie, like Bala said once, every time we take a sip of tea, the horrendous plight of the tea estate workers is sure to flash before our eyes.

During time when English ruled India, they were not the sole reason for difficulties encountered by tea estate workers.  Bala has brought out the sordid fact that there were betrayers among our own people.  The movie is a realistic one from a very genuine artiste. 

One needs to dig into the movie and make very strenuous effort to point out flaws. The movie is that much impeccable and perfect...

Adharva, Vedhika and Dhansika have lived the characters in the movie.  The committee which nominates movies for National Award could include the movie ‘Paradesi’ in the nomination list.

Movie ‘Paradesi’, a heartrending one by Bala, is sure to send a tumult across the audience.

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