Pattathu Yaanai – Movie Review

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Review by : Tamilstar team
Vishal, Aishwarya Arjun, Santhanam, Mayilsamy
G Boopathy Pandian
S Thaman
S Michael Rayappan

One could expect two things from Boopathy Pandian’s movies. One is action, and another is comedy.  There is no dearth for both comedy and action in his movie ‘Pattathu Yaanai’.  But, presently, directors of movies starring lead actors forget that screenplay is essential.  Vishal starrer ‘Pattathu Yaanai’ is also no exception to the fact that most of the directors miss out the screenplay. 

Since there is a huge market for movies, directors are under compulsion to thrust several things into the movie to make it a hit.  But, as things are thrust, it has some adverse effects.  In several places, the story is lagging behind. 

Although the movie is like every other movie starring Vishal, there is abundant comedy in the movie ‘Pattathu Yaanai’.  That is the only uniqueness about the movie.  If Santhanam had not been in the movie, the fate of the movie would have been doubtful. 

Okay… Let us come to the story. 

Santhanam works as a cook in Karaikudi.  Vishal works under Santhanam.  Following clash with a thug, both Santhanam and Vishal vacate Karaikudu and move to Trichy. 

As both move to Trichy, both get introduced to Aishwarya studying in a school.  The introduction paves way for romance between Vishal and Aishwarya. 

In a sudden twist, a villain plots to marry Aishwarya.  Then a clash erupts between the villain and Vishal. The rest of the story is about how Vishal saves Aishwarya from the clutches of the villain. 

As with every other movie, Santhanam carries the movie on his shoulders.  Santhanam loses a bag with Rs 2 lakhs in it, and they move major portion of the movie showing what happens next.  The first half of the movie is intertwined with comedy, and shows pranks by Vishal, Santhanam and friends.

Maybe they thought that comedy by Santhanam and Vishal is not enough… Mayilsamy joins hands with them for comedy, and the whole theatre shakes with laughter.  After the interval, there are abundant action scenes in the movie.

During the interval, as a twist, Vishal says that he has carried out three murders in Madurai. But, it does not surprise the audience.  When he dances, he imitates Vijay, and it is the most irritating one in the movie. 

Vishal’s performance is the stereotyped one like in every one of his previous movies except ‘Avan Ivan’. 

The movie’s heroine is Aishwarya Arjun.  There is number in the movie describing her beauty. But, she is not that much beautiful on screen.  It is not known why the actress is there in the movie.  Her facial features are not noteworthy.  Also, she appears very lean. Tamil people like actresses with plump appearance. There is no scope for her progress in cine field.

Although praises for Santhanam may seem excessive, he has taken up the responsibility to make the movie interesting and humorous.  But, in few places, his comedy irritates. 

Another noteworthy comedy actor in the movie is Mayilsamy.  His dance is good.. Thanks to those who gave him a number in the movie.  Really, he impresses through dialogue delivery.  In scene showing him explaining to police how he stole from Chitra Lakshmanan, he overtakes Santhanam in comedy.  His performance is really commendable. 

Since two of the movie’s numbers have already turned hits, those numbers make audience stick to their seats.  Otherwise, there is nothing mentionable about the music.  Choreography is also not noteworthy. 

The cinematography is intimidating in action scenes.  But there are discrepancies in song sequences. 

Santhanam is the only person responsible for good collections.  Maybe, as they were halfway through make of movie, they were confused about who the movie hero is.  Santhanam is missing half an hour before interval and half an hour after interval. 

The movie ‘Pattathu Yaanai’ is just an average hit.  The movie has not fulfilled anticipations triggered by the trailer.


Taking everything into account, they have messed up the movie ‘Pattathu Yaanai’.

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