Pillaiyar Theru Kadaisi Veedu

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Review by : Tamilstar team
Jithan Ramesh, Sanchita Padukone, Suhasini, Jayaprakash, Ilavarasu, Soori, Thulasi, Akhila
Thirumalai Kishore
R. B. Choudry

R. B. Choudry, under his banner Super Good films, comes out with yet another family drama.

This time he makes this a come-back flick for his son ‘Jithan’ Ramesh. ‘Pillaiyar Theru Kadaisi Veedu’ (U) has sure rescued Ramesh, who had been waiting long to deliver a hit.

The film opens up to the lush greens of a village and the house, the ‘Kadaisi Veedu’ at Pillaiyar theru. Ganesh (Jithan Ramesh) is a spoilt brat. Friends, drinking, pranks and ‘A’ films are his pass time. Cupid strikes when he collides on Sandhya (Sanchita Padukone). Ganesh goes happy when he discovers the ‘love at first sight’ girl is none other than his sister’s friend and a guest staying at his very own house. Ganesh, determined to make his love lass fall into his, takes the sudden ‘avatar’ of a self-styled village guide. Sandhya gives in but she waits for the right time.

Story takes a twist when Ganesh’s uncle (Ilavarasu), who is a drunkard and unpleasant ‘big mouth’, decides to marry his daughter Valli (Suhashini) to a local goon to clear off his debts. Father (Jayaprakash) of Ramesh, his family and his uncle’s are a close-knit unit who respect their relationships. Ganesh’s uncle pushes the family to the walls and, in the absence of Ramesh, the family decides to get Valli married to Ganesh to save her falling prey to the goon.

The spoilt brat now takes the role of a responsible family man. Split into two, to choose between family and his love for Sandhya, Ganesh reveals a secret about himself. And for Sandhya, when she finds the moment to express her love, the family’s decision comes as a big blow. Shocked Sandhya takes a decision that’s a more shocking one.

Who marries Ganesh forms the climax.

Jithan Ramesh scores with an excellent performance. He expresses well as a spoilt brat and a lover boy. Sanchita Pandukone, who already has her Sandalwood experience, does her part. Debutant Suhashini also comes out with a good performance. Jayaprakash’s acting skills are improving film-by-film as he portrays a splendid role as a responsible father. Ilavarasu impresses again with his talented acting skills.

It is another run-of-the-mill story. But director Thirumalai Kishore, with his ability, treats it differently. Camera forms one of the positives of the film. The work of M. V. Panneerselvam takes us a good tour of the beautiful village. Art work of A. R. Mohan, especially the house, is worth mentioning. Background music and the songs are so-so.

‘Pillaiyar Theru Kadaisi Veedu’ can be visited. Worth visiting, but once!

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