Podaa Podi – Review

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Review by : Tamilstar team
Simbu, Varalaxmi Sarathkumar, Shobana, VTV Ganesh
Vignesh Shivan
Dharan Kumar
Hitesh Jhabak

Podaa Podi is movie starring Simbu.  Due to messing up of call-sheet by Simbu, there was considerable delay in the movie schedules.  After release on Deepavali, the movie is successfully running in theaters.

The main theme of the movie is about ego clash between a male and female during time of romance which continues after marriage. 

Simbu, the hero for the movie, resides in London.  He is confused about whether to romance or not.  Finally, he decides to romance somebody and comes across heroine Varalaxmi. 

Varalaxmi joins dance class in London and undergoes classes.  Varalaxmi’s ambition is to participate in dance competition in London. 

In a development, love blossoms between Simbu and Varalaxmi.  Simbu does not like Varalaxmi’s activities as going to dance classes, dancing with people there, hugging people with whom she dances, and kissing them. This results in crack in the relationship.  So, both Simbu and Varalaxmi decide to separate.  But, both are not able to sever ties due to exceeding love for each other. 

During his birthday, hero Simbu invites Varalaxmi to his house as there is nobody around.  There, both Simbu and Varalaxmi turn intimate.

Simbu’s uncle Ganesh and his wife witness the intimacy between Simbu and Varalaxmi.  They insist that both marry.  Both Simbu and Varalaxmi concede. 

But Simbu lays some conditions.  As per those, Varalaxmi should stay away from dance classes.  Also, she should not move closely with others.  An irritated Varalaxmi refuses and goes away. 

At last, Varalaxmi concedes and says she would obey Simbu one day, and another day, Simbu should obey her.  Simbu agrees.  Then, marriage between Simbu and Varalaxmi happens. 

Ganesh suggests Simbu that both Simbu and Varalaxmi have children so that Varalaxmi would agree to stay away from dance classes.  Simbu and Varalaxmi turn intimate.  Varalaxmi gives birth to child. 

Varalaxmi comes to know the plan made by both Simbu and Ganesh.  She picks up fight with Simbu.  Then, their child dies in a mishap.  A dejected Varalaxmi separates from Simbu. 

Rest of the story is about both reunite and whether Varalaxmi’s dream of turning dance artiste materializes. 

In the movie, Simbu makes rounds as a exuberant and majestic youth.  Unlike in previous movies, Simbu does not use punch dialogues, there are no action scenes. But there are fiery dialogues spoken in family style. 

It seems heroes like Simbu would make contained delivery only if there is a steep fall.  The failure of movie Osthe has changed Simbu’s delivery a lot. 

Varalaxmi has made a wonderful delivery in spite of the fact that the movie is her first one.  It is appropriate to say that she does role of London girl realistically. 

Theater applauds as VTV Ganesh makes appearance.  But, the question about how long this would last is unavoidable.

Although there is confusion about the track of the story during first half, story progresses interestingly during second half. Thanks to director Vignesh Shivan.  Of course, the movie is meant for youth. 

Music by Dharan has come out as item numbers.  Numbers as ‘Love PaNNalaama… Venaamaa…’ and ‘I am a Kutthu Dancer’ make fans dance upon their seats.  There is considerable effort in background music.  But, it is inevitable question as to when Simbu would leave habit of doing stereotyped songs.

Cinematography is by Duncan Telford. The camera has captured the beauty of London wonderfully.  It is no exaggeration to say that Duncan turns out reason for youth brimming in the movie. 

Appreciations are due for director for having conveyed message that whatever is the progress in civilization, and irrespective of the place one is in, Tamil people’s love and culture do not change. 

At the very first go, the director has taken up a different story with different approach.  But, it cannot be said that everybody would like the movie.

Taking into account of everything, Podaa Podi would please those who do not carry much expectation as they turn up for the movie.

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