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Review by : Tamilstar team
Sadagoppan Ramesh, R Sivam, Umar, Harini
Arul Dev

Cricket had always attracted attention in India. Any movie made well on the sport won accolades. Perhaps Laagan set the trend and many movies were made. Potta Potti is one more that features former Indian cricketer Sadagoppan Ramesh as himself. Directed by Yuvaraj, the movie hits the screens the screens after much delay. Check out the movie review potta potti.

The movie is about two rustic youth Kollaivanan (R Sivam ) and Kolaivannan (Umar) who fight to hold the hands of a girl Parijatham (Harini). The village panchayat decides that they both should form a team and play cricket in the village and winner will get the girl. Enters Ramesh (Sadagoppan Ramesh). Coming to know that he is a cricketer, Kollaivannan force him to train their team. Kollaivannan along with his accomplice Avatharam (AAvathar Ganesh) tries all means to win the match. Coming to know that Kodaivannan is noble hearted, Ramesh goes out to help him. But the twist in the tale is Ramesh falls for the girl.Who wins the match and who holds Harini's hands finally forms the climax. But all told in a hilarious way.

It is a movie that is different from the rest. There is innocence all over it. All the characters are new and everyone has perfromed to their potential. Ramesh is the best. He has proved his best in cricket and now before the camera he is simply amazing. He is cool and casual and at ease. Three cheers to him. Comedy and romance both come naturally to him. Harini as the bubbly girl is adequate while R Sivam and Avatar Ganesh rocks the screen with their body language and

The movie belongs to director YUvaraj. He hold control over the proceedings. Nowehere the movie goes sombre. He has mixed humour all through. The dialogues are hilarious, penned by Yuvaraj himself. Watch out for the camera work by Gopi Amarnath. He captures the cricket match well. The beauty of the village and the temple festival are shot well. Arul Dev's music adds strength. Raja Muhamad's editing is crisp. There no needless emotional scenes to make you go low.

It is a whiff of fresh air. All is told in a lighter vein. The movie gives Ramesh a great chance to prove his acting skills. As coach he is right there making a mark. Combining comedy in cricket and the way the villagers play the game have been captured well. The movie stands up thanks to the humour all through. Three cheers to Yuvaraj. He with his racy script and quick sequence of events ensures, all is well.

Cricket and comedy go hand-in-hand. Both loved by all. Obviously with good publicity, the movie should click

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