Puli Review

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Review by : Suresh
Vijay, Sridevi, Sudeep, Shruti Haasan, Hansika Motwani, Nandita Swetha
Chimbu Deven
Devi Sri Prasad
SKT Studios

Grand scenes. Splendid visual effects. Racy screenplay laced with right commercial elements make up Puli. It's a Chimbudevan special with right ingredients for Vijay fans. 

A big budgeted venture that is glossy. Seemingly away from Vijay's recent venture, Puli is a period drama with a host of characters who have a say in the script. The sets, locations and the background score add fillip to the proceedings.Chimbudevan's shrewdness lies in his characterization.

He has penned his characters in such a way that they leave an impact with the audience.Vijay as bravado Marudheeran steals the show. He pours out anger, agony, frustration, and romance well.

He is at ease in mouthing touchlines. Equally impressive are Sridevi and Sudheep. Both as menacing baddies, does the job entrusted to them exceedingly well. Giving right support to Chimbudevan is cinematographer Natty Subramaniam. The actor-cinematographer captures the content in a colorful manner.

The grand palatial sets, huge mountains, cascades and waterfalls are captured well. His camera does all the talking.Marudheeran (Vijay) is brought up in a village by its chieftain (Prabhu). He falls in love with Pavazhamalli (Sruthy Haasan). They romance and end up marrying.

But ion the day of their wedding, warriors of Vedhalam kingdom, who are embodiment of evil wreaks havoc in the village and kidnaps Pavazhamalli.

Marudheeran comes to know that she is kept in a prison in Vedhala Ulagam ruled by its magician-queen (Sridevi), who is ably assisted by her Minister (Sudheep). Prabhu gets killed by the warriors and in his death bed informs him the ways and means to go to the evil's world and rescue Pavazhamalli.

Marudheeran takes the help of his friends (Thambi Raniah and Sthyan) and begins his journey. He comes across a giant tortoise and green frog that shows him the way. Meanwhile he saves a priceless (Hansika) from Black Panther. He comes to know that she is the daughter of Vedala Ulaga's queen. She takes him to the place where he poses as a siddha medical specialist.

But soon the truth emerges. The rest is how Marudheeran rescues his beloved and puts an end to the atrocities of Vedalam kingdom.There are enough computer graphic works which would enthuse children. Be it a one-eyed monster or a a giant tortoise or Lilliput characters, all have fall in place. Vijay is cool and casual.

He livens up the proceedings. Sruthi is cute while Hansika has very little role to do. The scene -stealers are Sridevi and Sudheep. Thambi Ramaiah manages to evoke laughter at few places. Devi Sri Prasad's music is average and BGM are loud. EFC expects by Kamalakannan is the hallmark of the movie.

Though no patch to Baahubali, Puli stands tall thanks to Vijay and Chimbudevan.

Puli - Stands tall

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