Pongadi Neengalum Unga Kaadhalum Review

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Review by : Suresh
Ramakrishnan, Athmiya, Karunya, Jayaprakash, Imman Annachi, Saminathan, Sentrayan
M.A. Ramakrishnan
KRK Movies Production, Wisdom Pictures Hidayath Pr

Actor Ramakrishnan, a former associate of Cheran has acted in few films in the past. Though his  acting skills was widely appreciated, he was eyeing for a spot in direction. Thanks to years of tutelage under director Cheran, he has made his independent foray as filmmaker with Pongadi Neengalum Unga Kadhalum.

It is a movie that throws light on how women are gullible and easily taken for a rode by men especially today after the growth of social media. A thought-provoking theme that sounds for women's safety.

Produced by K R Kannan, there is romance and glamour at places but a overdose of crass comedy and double  meaning dialogues. Athmiya plays the heroine while Karunya, Jayaprakash, Nagendiran, Sendrayan, Jayamoorthy and Murali are also in the cast. Kannan of Thamizhpadam fame has scored musicwhile cinematography is by M V Panneerselvam.

The movie is set in Chennai and harps on the craze for facebook among youngsters. How the social media meant to foster contact and communication has has become a tool to make love. Ramakrishnan is a slum guy. He along with hyis freind as small timer thieves. They come across boys and girls who cheat each other in the name of love. 

One fine day, Ramakrishnan is approached by Athmiya, who opens her heart to him. Initially he goes reluctant but later agrees. Parallelly runs the story of a young girl raped and killed by a gang. But there is a reason behind Athmiya falling in love. What happens then forms the crux.

Ramakrishnan shoulders the burden of direction and action. He combines both well. At places he reminds one of S J Suryah. Athmiya is good and gives her best. The high point is Jayaprakash's performance. As a bravado cop he is right there giving his best.

A movie at a time when safety is at stake is watchable. But All said, the movie entertaining in parts and worth a watch.

Serious, sensitive

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