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Review by : Tamilstar team
Ramana, Lollu sabha Jeeva, Reecha Sinha
A K Rishal Sai

The movie ‘Mahaan Kanakku was released last year end and raised many a eyebrow about the director of the movie. Ramana, a very talented actor in Tamil, has received tremendous applause through the movie, and there is a possibility of progress in his cine career after the movie.

The story is different.  The director has got the guts which none in the field possesses.  So we need to laud the debutant director Sampath Arumugam.

It is no exaggeration that this movie is a big consolation to those who have taken loans as customer loan and vehicle loan and consequently struggle for repayment.  

Ramana who is being harassed by a private bank and loses his family members gets a loan of Rs. 360 crores from OCOC bank.  The story is about forging documents presented by beggars and people below poverty line and cheating the bank to the tune of several crores.  What happens to him is the climax.

Director has answered questions regarding why such private banks offer huge loans, and also has pictured the plight of people receiving such loans and he has also provided a solution for all these through the movie.

After interval the movie is very fast moving.  Every private bank should listen to the answers Ramana gives during the judge’s questioning and the arguments his defense lawyer places.  There is that much of wit in the dialogue and there is speed also in the delivery.
The explanation about how multinational private banks entered India is an eye opener to many.

This movie may be called the first movie for Ramana.  He is spontaneous and natural in delivery in the scenes depicting his plight of losing his family members, and his strategies to cheat bank officers, his approach to the bank officers, and his explanation to the fraud he carries out.  The fight scenes are sizzling.

Richa Sinha has starred opposite Ramana in the movie.  She has done her job appropriately although she comes in only few scenes.Every character as Saravana Subbaiah, Sharmila, Suresh ARS the CEO have realized their role.
The court scenes could have been taken more realistically.

There could have been an added strength to the movie if care had been taken on music, lyrics and cinematography.Script by Sampath Arumugam is a big strength to the movie.  The scenes show out the research he has done about private banks.One need not magnify the small flaws in the movie because this is an effort to make an awakening in the society.  We may laud and welcome the effort.


The movies is a daring awareness venture.

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